Do you need help with a diy appliance repair?

Video Chat a Pro appliance repair technicians will guide you through your own appliance repair. Shop, search and repair with your choice of appliance repair technicians with the appliance repair knowledge to get your appliance repaired quickly, safely and repaired right the first time.

1. Search and Shop

2. Schedule with an appliance repair technician

3. Repair by video chatting

What types of diy (do-it-yourself) appliance repairs can be done using Video Chat a Pro?Video Chat a Pro appliance repair technicians can guide you by video chat to repair your appliance repair issue. Do you need to know how to ? Do you need to know how to fix multiple appliance repair outlets not working? Maybe you need to know how to fix a fuse that keeps blowing Video Chat a Pro can show you how to do your own appliance repair repair small to large. Our appliance repair repair technicians are ready to video chat with you and get your appliance repair repair done fast and right the first time. 

  • Appliance maintenance
  • Cleaning condenser coils on your refrigerator
  • Cleaning dishwasher filter 
  • Changing thermostat on dryer
  • Clogged dryer vent 
  • Freezer fan repair
  • Clogged dishwasher drain 
  • Troubleshooting appliance issue
  • Appliance maintenance

Do you need help choosing the right appliance repair company or have questions before you schedule an appliance repair business near you? 

Video Chat a Pro also has appliance repair companies ready to help repair your appliance issue. Is scheduling an appliance repair service difficult because of your full schedule? Or do you want to video chat with an appliance repair business first to get a price over the phone? Video Chat with a local appliance business is a great way for the appliance repair service technician to get to know your appliance repair needed before he arrives which saves both of you time. He will be able to arrive with the appropriate tools and materials for the appliance repair. This also allows you to gather information before the appliance repair man arrives to your home like the cost of the appliance repair  and the amount of time needed. This also gives you the ability to gather multiple estimates from several companies.

How can I use Video Chat a Pro with a local appliance repair company near me?

Video Chat a Pro enables you to truly get an upfront price before scheduling an appliance repair service call. Usually what happens is you want to know a price before you commit to someone coming to your home. The appliance service company, on the other hand, cannot see the appliance repair problem you are having and they cannot give you a price over the phone. There are so many different scenarios making it so they cannot accurately give you a cost over the phone. Now there is an issue because you, the customer, aren’t sure about committing and the business doesn’t have all the facts. The Video Chat a Pro platform was created to amend this issue and make appliance repair service better for the customer and the appliance repair business.

Reasons to book with a Video Chat Appliance Repair Pro


 Fast scheduling


 Convenient scheduling for your busy schedule


 Saves time (Appliance repair man arrives with correct tools and parts)


 Get a price over the phone before scheduling


Get multiple appliance repair estimates

How does Video Chat Pro Services provide faster appliances repairs?

Video Chat Pro Services allow you to show the appliance repair company the problem before they arrive with your smart phone. The appliance repair technician will have the correct tools and materials to complete your appliance repair on the first trip. The appliance repair technician can gather information to complete the appliance repair with the smart phone. The result is faster appliance repairs because you will not have to wait for the appliance repair company to show up. Shop appliance repair companies to get instant appliance repair estimate. Receive face to face interaction with-out the awkwardness of a stranger in your home. Gain confidence and build trust before you invest your time waiting for the appliance repair company to show up. There is always a chance you may not even need an appliance repair technician and you may be able to reset a button or something super simple that Video Chat Services with an appliance repair company would promote. 

How can I use Video Chat a Pro with a local appliance repair business for estimates?

Have you been thinking about upgrading some of your appliances or would like to know the cost to repair a dishwasher or washer? Video Chat a Pro is a perfect solution for you to get appliance repair estimates fast and at a good time for you. Search for an appliance repair business in your city or zip code, look at reviews, read their appliance repair specialties, book the appliance repair business for a perfect time for you. Walk them around your house with your phone to show them everything your would like quoted. Do you want the appliance repair company to look at all of your appliances to see if there are any potential appliance repair disasters waiting to happen?

How It Works

  1. Choose your repair category.
  2. Choose Do-it-yourself or Search Local Company
  3. Choose the perfect fit. Read Verified reviews. Schedule the service that best fits your needs.
  4. Perform video chat services. Click on the link that is emailed of texted. No downloads needed.
  5. Review your pro or company.

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