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How to DIY Washer and Dryer Repairs Faster

DIY Washer and Dryer Repairs

Make your own washer and dryer repairs yourself with appliance repair do it yourself help or contact a local appliance repair contractor.

Is your washer or dryer creating issues in your life? We will guide you through the most common washer problems and the usual dryer issues. The washer and dryer repair may be something you can do yourself with appliance repair advice from a video chat appliance pro.

Washer Machine Repair

Here are the top 9 most common washer problems.

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  1. The washer shaking a lot and moving around.
  2. Most types of Washer leaks water.
  3. My expensive type of Washer is not draining completely.
  4. Brand of Washer that doesn't turn on.
  5. Some Washers don't go into spin mode.
  6. My new washer smells bad.
  7. Cheap Washer that is noisier than normal.
  8. Washer leaves clothes sticky.
  9. Some Doors on the Washer don't unlock.
Washer shakingLeaking washerNoisy washer

Do it yourself appliance repair for common washer issues.

The washer shaking a lot and moving around.

First, verify that your washer is sitting level. Your washer will either have 2 or 4 leveling legs. You can adjust the washer legs by screwing or unscrewing the leveling legs. Use a level to identify how your washer is sitting. This is a very simple DIY washer repair that you can do yourself.

If your washer is already sitting level or continues to shake and move around it may have a different issue. If you have a front loader washer it could be a bad shock absorber. You may also hear a loud banging while your washer is spinning if the shock absorber is bad. If you do not replace the bad shock absorber and continue to use the washer it could damage other parts of your washer.

Suspension springs and tub springs can become damaged, detached, or stretched. The springs are used to stabilize the tub to the base. These need to be replaced if you find any damage to them and could be causing your washing machine to vibrate and cause a lot of noise during the spin cycle.

Some washers have a washer part called a snubber ring. This helps dampens vibration during the spin cycle. It provides a cushion but can see extreme wear which will make the tub move more than it should and cause a shaking.

With top load washers, some models have tub dampening straps to buffer the movement while spinning. They are made of rubber and can break or get stretched. Large loads can cause the rubber to break down faster.

A Video Chat appliance pro can help by pointing you in the right direction for the type of washer you have. They will guide you on how to access the parts and how to replace the damaged parts. Video Chat a Pro offers appliance repair do it yourself help.

You can also find the best appliance repair companies on Video Chat a Pro to help you through your repair. Reliable appliance repair companies have been through training on all parts of washers.

Washer Leaks Water

The first thing you should do when you see water leaking from your washer is checking your washer machine hoses. Washer hoses are sometimes only made of rubber instead of a stainless steel braided hose and can get damaged or fail over time. Make sure they are tightened enough. If you do not find any leaks on the outside of the washer the next step is to check all the hoses on the inside of the washer. Check for cracked or damaged hoses.

If all of the hoses are good then you will need to inspect the pump, gaskets, valves, and door boot seal. Many times objects from pockets can damage the door boot seal. If all is good the next thing to check is the water level switch. Schedule an appliance pro to get appliance repair help online through video chat.

The washer is not draining completely.

If your washer is not draining then something could be stuck in the drain hose or the pump is broken. A video chat appliance pro can provide appliance repair do it yourself help. It is most likely you will need to take a panel off and go through several steps to diagnose your appliance repair needed. You can contact a local appliance repair shop to do the complete repair if you feel this repair is too much. If you are able to diagnose the issue with a video chat pro but want a local appliance repair company to complete the repair you can get a video chat estimate from the appliance repair contractor while you have the washer open.

My washer doesn't turn on.

The issue could be as obvious as the washer not being plugged in or you may not have power to the washer. Make sure to check your breaker box. If the washer has the power it could be a lid switch issue, the start switch, or an issue with knobs. A more serious issue would be the drive motor or the main control board.

A video chat appliance pro can guide you through your do it yourself appliance repair or you can contact a local appliance repair shop to get your washer back up and going. Request your favorite appliance repair shop get set up on Video Chat a Pro so they can give you an estimate through video chat.

My washer doesn't go into spin mode.

If your washer doesn't go into the spin mode you could be looking at a bad lid switch, a broken motor, or a broken belt. It could be as simple as there are too many clothes and it is jammed. Next, start with the easy fix first by checking the lid switch. Then move to inspect the belt if your washer has a belt. Lastly, it could be your motor or controls issue. Schedule an appliance video chat pro to help you through your repair or schedule a local appliance repair shop.

My washer smells bad.

Your washer needs to be washed! I know, it sounds too simple. Over time your washer has built up soap, dirt, oil cause mold, mildew, and bacteria. Using an old toothbrush scrub all cracks, gaskets, and seals. You can use a pipe cleaner to get into pipes and dispensers. Sanitize with bleach, allow the bleach to sit in the washer for about an hour. Then run the washer. If there are still smells you can use white vinegar in the same way.

If you continue to have an issue with smells after doing a cleaning you may have an issue with drainage. Schedule with an appliance pro to diagnose what could be causing the drainage issue.

My washer sounds like a helicopter.

There are many different parts that could be causing the noise. There are certain noises you can listen for and the timing of the noise can also suggest a certain part. Top load washers and front load washers have different parts that can be causing noises. Here is a list of the parts that could be damaged. We recommend going through these with a video chat appliance pro so you are able to identify the issue faster and correctly.

  1. Main drive pulley
  2. Main tub bearing
  3. Motor coupling
  4. Bad Clutch
  5. Drive belt
  6. Shock absorbers
  7. Springs
  8. transmission

My clothes still feel dirty and sticky after washing.

This could be a very simple issue like using the wrong type of detergent or too much detergent. So check your packaging first before taking your washer apart. The most likely issue is a clogged or bad pump making it so the water doesn't drain completely leaving soap in the tub. Make sure you are not overloading the washer. This could cause draining issues. You could also have an issue with a dirty washer or even hard water.

My washer has my clothes hostage and won't unlock.

Most likely the door lock mechanism is the issue. You can check this by unplugging the machine and cleaning the door lock. Sometimes debris gets built up there. Inspect the door lock for any damage. On a front load washer, this part is called a door strike. Check the door strike for any damage. Sometimes if the door is not level and shutting correctly it can cause damage.

leaking washer

Dryer Repair

5 Most Common Issues With Dryers

  1. The dryer has no heat
  2. Noisy Dryer
  3. Takes too long for clothes to dry
  4. My Dryer won't turn on
  5. The Dryer turns off quickly

My dryer has no heat.

The most likely culprit is a bad thermal fuse. This is likely caused by the ventilation being blocked usually from clogged lint screens or the dryer is overloaded. To fix this issue you will need to replace the thermal fuse.

My dryer is very noisy and vibrates.

This dryer issue could be from a bad dryer drum seal from overloading or if an object from pockets ran in the machine causing damage. If this is the issue then the seal would need to be replaced.

My dryer takes forever to dry clothes.

If you have to run your clothes through a cycle twice because they are not dry you could have a broken heating element which is caused by a clogged lint screen. Replacing the heating element will fix this.

My dryer won't turn on.

If your dryer won't turn on at all there could be several different things that could be wrong. You will need to go through troubleshooting to find the culprit. First, check the power of the machine. Make sure it is plugged in and check the breaker. Also, check the power cord for fraying or damage. At this point, it may be a good idea to contact a video chat appliance pro to make sure you are extremely careful. They can guide you through the proper way to troubleshoot. To check the terminal block you will need a multimeter tool to check the voltage. Unplug the dryer before you begin. Another possible issue is a faulty door switch. The door switch keeps the dryer from turning on if the door is open so if it is bad it will prevent it from turning on even when the door is closed. It could also be the start switch or thermostat. Get advice from an appliance pro through video chat or contact a local appliance repair shop to help.

My dryer turns off quickly.

The most likely problem is a broken thermostat caused by blocked ventilation or a clogged lint screen. You will need to replace the bad thermostat to get your dryer drying again.

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