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Dryer Not Heating Samsung | Do It Yourself Appliance Repair
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Dryer Not Heating Samsung | Best Guide

Samsung is well-known in the consumer electronics industry for producing trustworthy and high-quality goods. However, just like other top companies, Samsung dryers can occasionally experience issues. The loud and odd noises the dryer makes are the second most prevalent issue after the dryer does not heat up. Many people find that dealing with this issue is really uncomfortable, and whether it is summer or winter, a dryer is always necessary at home.

How The Heating Element In A Samsung Dryer Works

Once a switch on the motor is activated, the Samsung heating element DC47-00019A will begin to function. After that, the element will start to glow red and heat the dryer. When the temperature within the dryer drops below a certain threshold, the element switches on and immediately begins to reheat the dryer. This process will continue indefinitely until the cycle is finished and the clothes are dry.

Reasons For Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Bad/Broken Heating Element

The failure of the heating element in a Samsung dryer is responsible for nine out of ten cases when the heating function fails to function. The heating element can break when a dryer is overworked for an extended period of time or has clogged vents. It is excellent practice to check your chimney, vents, and lint trap for any traces of lint.

A lint buildup can limit airflow away from the machine, allowing heat to build up inside the dryer. This causes the part to overheat and break since it has been subjected to excessive heat. It is suggested that you clean the wall vents and chimney at least once a year and the lint filter inside the dryer regularly to provide a clear path for the hot air to move in and out of the dryer.

Problems with the Thermistor or the Thermostat

Heating issues with Samsung dryers are typically brought on by a faulty thermistor (known as a temperature sensor) or thermostat. To determine whether the thermistor or the thermostat has to be replaced, a continuity test using a multimeter is required. The thermistor and the thermostat can be found, in the vast majority of Samsung models, near the heating element.

Checking the thermistor and thermostat requires the following: Find the leads for the thermostat, then use a multimeter to check for continuity between each lead. You should be able to spot the thermistor right next to the thermostat. Perform the test on the thermistor again using the multimeter. If the test with the multimeter reveals that either of these components is defective, that component needs to be replaced.

Problem with the fuse that controls the thermal cut-off

If the dryer machine has overheated or is not heating up appropriately, the cut-off fuse will promptly turn off the burner to ensure the user's safety. Most of the time, the dryer will overheat if the high thermostat continues to supply more electricity without turning it off. You will not be able to reset the thermal cut-off fuse in this manner; instead, you will need to replace it.

If the thermal cut-off fuse blows and the dryer continues to heat up, notwithstanding the fault, you have a time commitment of little more than thirty minutes to replace it. You will need the thermal cut-off fuse kit to complete this procedure. You can replace the old screw with a new one if you open the screw form placed on the cabinet's top panel.

Blocked Venting System of the Dryer

A blocked dryer vent or chimney is yet another potential explanation for why the heating function of your Samsung dryer isn't working properly. Dryers apply hot air to wet garments to dry them, and then they vent the hot air, which has become damp due to the drying process outside of the machine. It's possible that a clogged dryer vent could prevent hot air from escaping the dryer, which will, in turn, cause heat to build up inside the dryer, which will cause the heating element to overheat and break.

The chimney could simply be obstructed with debris. The chimney attached to your dryer vent needs to be clean so that the air containing moisture and water can move swiftly through it. One such potential source of trouble is the obstructed grate that sits at the top of the chimney on the roof. In addition, it should be examined regularly for the presence of any lint and cleaned appropriately. A blocked chimney is a major contributor to house fires because the lint trapped inside can easily catch fire due to the restricted flow of hot air. Regularly cleaning the chimney and the dryer vent will ensure a clean passageway for air to travel from the dryer to the outside of the machine.

Gas Valve Solenoid

Gas-powered dryers typically have a gas valve solenoid installed in them. The truth of the situation is that there are two of them. This component serves the purpose of opening the port on the gas valves. Because of this, gas will be allowed to enter the burner. Because of this, the clothes dryer will not heat up if the gas valve solenoid is not functioning properly. If you think that the solenoid for the gas valve is broken, you should most likely inspect the igniter.

An igniter that is functioning properly should glow for a short while before going out and then lighting the gas assembly on fire. It has been determined to be broken or defective if it cannot ignite the gas. To replace it, you must contact a qualified technician first. The dryer will experience significant difficulties operating properly if even one of the gas valve solenoids is faulty.

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