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Coolant in the Oil is Bad for Your Engine
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Coolant Does Not Belong in the Oil

If your car's oil looks like a brown milky sort of color and is very viscous you may have a coolant leak. Coolant in engine oil indicates that your vehicle is leaking coolant into the engine oil, which can lead to severe damage to the car's engine if you keep driving it.

There are several signs and symptoms associated with a coolant leak, but the most common include signs of overheating and milky-colored residues on dipsticks.

If you notice any of these signs under the hood of your car or truck, you should show a mechanic online right away so you can take care of the coolant in the oil before it worsens.

Ask a Mechanic Online if You Have Coolant in the Oil

If you see coolant in your oil, it will look like a brown or reddish-brown fluid, and it may also look like a milky-colored coating on the oil dipstick.

If you have coolant in your engine, it could mean an internal seal within the cooling system lets hot engine coolant mix with the engine oil.

Coolant leaking into your engine can cause severe damage over time because it contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent rusting metal parts inside your car's cooling system.

The corrosion inhibitor Toyota and other automakers use ethylene glycol (EG), which reacts with iron and steel parts in engines to form scale deposits that eventually cause those parts to break down or fail altogether.

-This leads to increased wear on other components of your car's drivetrain and disrupts its ability for proper lubrication during operation--and let's face it: no one wants their vehicle breaking down every few thousand miles.

You notice a brown or reddish-brown fluid under the car

When you see a brownish-red fluid under your car, it’s likely coolant leaking from somewhere.

Coolant leaks can be pretty standard, but they should be inspected by a professional to ensure they haven’t affected any other engine parts.

A leak can cause damage to things like the radiator, oil pan, and other components necessary for keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

If you notice a leak (or several leaks) after driving around town or when parked at home for an extended period, have it repaired immediately. Schedule a video chat and get online mechanic help to figure out where the issue is and how to fix it.

When coolant is present in your engine oil, it can:

The temperature gauge is in the “hot” zone or above average

You should check the coolant level if your engine has a temperature gauge and is in the “hot” zone or above average.

The coolant is usually found in the engine compartment. Check the coolant level when the engine is cold. If it's low, add more coolant; if high, remove some of it with an approved container

You see steam rising from under the hood’s front end.

If you see steam rising from under the hood's front end, that's a sign of engine overheating.

Coolant in oil can cause this and lead to engine failure. If you're worried about this happening to you, it's best to check with a mechanic online or service station as soon as possible.

You see white smoke coming from the exhaust.

-This could mean that there is coolant in your oil. This can lead to engine failure and even fire, so it's essential to address this issue as soon as possible.

The first thing you'll want to do is check your coolant level: if it's low, add more coolant; if it's high and draining won't fix the problem (like when there is a leak), then you'll need to repair it immediately.

You see green fluid leaking under the car

You see a milky-colored coating on the oil dipstick.

You'll need to check your engine's coolant level if you see a milky-colored coating on the oil dipstick.

-This may indicate that coolant leaks into the engine, which can cause significant damage.

If this is the case, you'll want to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. If left untreated, overheating and other complications can lead to more severe problems including expensive repairs or an emergency where you have no choice but to replace significant parts of your vehicle's cooling system (and possibly even its engine).

The good news is that checking coolant levels should be pretty simple: just follow these steps:

An unusual odor permeates the air around your car

The smell of coolant in your car’s oil can be challenging to detect, but it can indicate some serious issues with the engine.

After all, you wouldn’t want to drive around a car that could blow up at any moment, right?

While you may notice a sweet odor when you first start driving your vehicle after it has been sitting idle for a while, this is not necessarily an indication of coolant in the oil. Several other smells may indicate a problem:

Online mechanics

Online mechanics can be an excellent resource for anyone who wants to save money on auto repairs.

They are cheaper than traditional mechanics and provide the convenience you wouldn't get anywhere else.

If not correctly done, then, either way, this could happen since there isn't any kind of accountability these days, which leads me back to my original point: being able to DIY everything yourself when you're trying to save money, so why not tries doing more things yourself instead?

Auto repairs

When you need to find a good mechanic, there are two things that you should consider: how much they charge and what their customer service is like.

If you want your car fixed right the first time, then the mechanic must have experience working on your vehicle's make and model.

Coolant in oil can lead to engine failure

If you see coolant in your engine's oil, there's a good chance that the coolant is getting into the oil system through a leaky gasket or head gasket.

-This can cause your car's engine to overheat and ultimately seize up, so it won't start anymore.

It can also cause your radiator to fail due to overheating, which will mean no more driving until repairs are made.

As long as you get an inspection done promptly when this happens, you should be able to avoid any significant problems with your car or truck by taking care of it right away.

Mechanics Online Know Best About Automotive Repair

The best way to avoid a car breakdown is to keep the engine cool and lubricated. If you notice any coolant in the oil, talk to a mechanic immediately so you can fix the problem before it becomes more serious.

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