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We Offer Up Front Pricing

March 14, 2019 - Video Chat a Pro

Well, I have heard it 100’s of times, can you give me your upfront price over the phone?  And I must reply No.

In the Service Repair Industry, it would be a grave mistake to give a price for a repair with-out first looking at said repair or replacement. However, the customer is asking for a price over the phone to perform a repair of a leak around the base of the toilet, claims another plumber cleaned the drain and reset the toilet, but he did not know if the wax was replaced. He was given a price to replace a wax ring, when the plumber changed the wax ring and reinstalled to the toilet there was still a leak. Turns out the bowl was cracked, but the homeowner says you gave a price to fix a leak, the toilet still leaks. Long story short the customer got a new toilet for the price of a wax ring and we did not get any review. The lesson learned is no prices over the phone if I can not see the repair or replacement.

Video Chat A Pros Platform provides a path for you to see what your customer needs while talking to them via Video Chat Services. The Platform allows you to educate your customer and accurately diagnose the problem and give an accurate price over the phone. The customer may not like your price, but they will trust your company because you gave the customer what they wanted a price over the phone. Statistics show people buy things from people they like and trust, when we say Upfront price and charge a fee to come to look at the repair to give the Upfront price, we lose the customer trust and the technician must rebuild when we arrive to make the sale. The customer dislikes waiting for us to arrive to give repair options and be sold the repair. This process of paying a service fee and wait to get a price does not allow the customer to shop for the best service provider that fits their budget and schedule.

Today's customers want to know how much a repair costs now. The customer needs to shop around for repair companies to find the best fit for their budget and schedule. Video Chat A Pro Platform allows a cost-effective way for a service repair company to effectively meet this demand. Video Chat a Pro allows the customer to shop for home and automotive repair at their convenience to receive instant assistance from your company. Video Chat a Pro allows your service repair company to be shopper-friendly by saving time and money eliminating the drive to look and give a price.

Video Chat Service allows your company to be Upfront and give your customer what they want, price over the smartphone. Save your customers time and money while being more efficient and more profitable. You will Sell before you go, allowing your company to perform more paying repairs and spend less time driving to diagnose and share your price. Video Chat Services is equivalent to adding two more technicians with no additional cost of recruitment or hiring simply by providing a path to no longer wasting time driving for the chance to make the sale to perform the repair. Use Video Chat Services to Close the Call and show up with exactly what you need. Video Chat Services allows a path to reduce truck stock because you don’t have to guess what you need for every imaginable repair, and stock the most commonly used materials. Instead, your company can arrive with exactly what it needs to perform the repair, not a whole supply house of materials on wheels.

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