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Know Before You Go

December 16, 2019 - Video Chat a Pro

How many trips does it take to get the correct materials to get that home repair completed as a DIY person?

What happens when you get stuck and need professional help?

The answer is 3 to 5 trips back and forth to get the correct parts to complete a licensed trades home DIY repair. While this may seem like an adventure the first couple trips, but your day dwindles away driving back and forth to the Home Improvement Store and your repair is further from being completed, because you keep breaking more stuff along the way.

The path most people travel to learn DIY is Videos of people making similar repairs. This has been the path traveled by most people. The Video marketplace is free and hey you get what you pay for. This is very time consuming and discouraging. Searching endless videos while we are panicking trying to clean up a home disaster or are stuck and need help is stressful.

While trying to search and contact a licensed service repair company when we are stuck and need help is not much easier. The process to get a service technician to come out, look and give an accurate price is time-consuming. The process of reading reviews and visiting websites to see if they provide the service or repair you need and to choose a quality home service repair company is challenging.

I have found some DIY people just can not afford the cost of having a home service repair company come to perform the repair. We still need access to professional assistance from time to time and desire to perform the repair correctly. Most DIY people get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from completing these DIY home service repairs themselves. Most of the DIY people have been trained through their career to get proper training and most of their employers provide proper training. This would explain why we are compelled to search for Videos to show us how to repair. We are searching to find adequate training before we attempt the DIY home service repair.

There is a solution, Video Chat a Pro offers a Platform to provide Video Chat Services for the Licensed Trades Industries. Video Chat Pro Companies perform estimates to their customers instantly via live Video Chat Pro Services. These companies also use Video Chat Pro Services to consult DIY customers that may not know exactly what they need to do, or that are planning a home service repair or replacement.

Freelance Video Chat Pros help DIY people that never intend on hiring a company to come to perform. These Video Chat Pros have licensed tradespeople that charge a lower rate for consultation and training. This service provides a path for DIY people to “Know Before They Go” to the Home Improvement store to purchase materials or appliances.