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How can you Reduce Driving, while responding to more Leads?

January 16, 2019 - Video Chat a Pro

The Platform provides a path to change the process of certain operation methods to be more efficient. Options to reduce drive time and run more calls are limited as you know. There are many aspects where the process remains unchanged since the beginning of the service repair industry. We have added new revenue-generating processes to the old processes to become more profitable. We have structured price systems geared to provide consistency in pricing through-out an organization while being efficiently calculated in the field to save time. We have Technician pay structures geared towards commission based hourly pay and we send technicians for free, to lower the cost of performing free estimates and/or selling the repair. We use it to lower the cost of labor as we see it as the gamble of business to send the technician out to give an estimate or sell a repair. This process forces the technician to make the sale or work for free. It is a bad situation for the technician and is no longer necessary. The Service Manager becomes a motivational speaker constantly building morale and motivating technicians to do better at sales. We use the closing rate; calls ran, revenue generated, and average invoice to track this. Video Chat A Pro Platform allows the Service Manager to effectively train and manage his team by allowing the path to, identifying successful trends while providing real-time onsite training to technicians, to assist with large ticket sales closures from the office, and much more.

So, what happens when the Technician does not close the sale? He sits in a parking lot waiting for the next call to dispatched and is a mobile billboard. This process is meant to advertise services to that area; however, your representative is preparing to send this Technician to the next appointment. A customer observes the truck sitting at the neighborhood store, arrives home to a major problem instantly thinks there was a truck at the store just sitting so the customer calls. The representative uses the scripted call booking method and the customer is told there is a waiting period and a service fee to come out. The customer is thinking there is a truck right down the street and needs help now. Meanwhile, the Technician has been dispatched to another address to give an estimate for a small service fee across town and has already hit the highway so to be on-time and all other technicians are booked trying to sell repairs and giving membership inspections.

Offering memberships and performing annual inspections does not always pay off and can cause a strain on the company. We attempt to perform these inspections when we are slow, however, there is always the customers that just don’t have time when we do. Then the phone starts ringing and all the Technicians are busy giving inspections, so we attempt to get customers to wait. Some of the membership programs claim priority service, allowing them to skip the line. When you are short-handed this can become a real problem, causing a situation where a customer feels that they did not receive what they paid for. This provides a reason for the customer to leave bad reviews and harm your reputation. A better process would provide a better result. Video Chat Services allows you to interact with the customer as they are showing you. You would be instructing the customer to inspect and check proper operation. When they discover there is a problem they ask how much to repair. Instead, we go touch everything and when it does not work, we go inform the customer of what we found and sell them a repair they did not know they needed. This provides a path for a situation where the customer may accuse the technician of just trying to sell them something or that the technician caused the new problem. Video Chat Services eliminates this possibility while saving the company and the customer time, causing the company to be more profitable.

So, what can you do, there are only so many technicians, there are only so many hours in a day, there are only so many calls and they can be hard to come by if your company has bad reviews for these types of situations? I was told change is hard, but the pain caused by no change is harder. Choose a better way.

The Video Chat A Pro Platform allows a path to give estimates for fractions of the cost while having your customer engaged showing you the problem. The Platform allows a path to perform membership inspections for fractions of the cost by saving the time of driving to the property. When you add Video Chat Services to your licensed trades business everyone wins. The customer gets what they want, quick and efficient service. The Technician gets to spend less time working for free, driving around giving estimates, and selling repairs. The company wins in multiple ways, reduce labor, reduce fuel, reduce customer complaints, reduce callbacks, reduce technician turn over and more.  Visit here to learn more about the value of Video Chat Services for your licensed trade business.