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Video Chat a Pro to give away founder’s own service van to a trade business owner

January 14, 2020 - Video Chat a Pro

Video Chat a Pro launched a new innovative platform to revolutionize the trades industry. Founder, Jason Bauder, who has been a master plumber for 18 years, says this new approach for the trades industry will save everyone time and money. By running his own plumbing business he saw many inefficiencies that he wanted to solve for himself and for others. Right now the process is flawed including the time and money it takes to provide an estimate. This creates stress between the business and the customer. There is also no effective way for onsite training and job checkups to prevent warranty issues.


With Video Chat a Pro the repair to these problems becomes a positive experience for the business and customer when it usually is a tense process for both.


Usually, the customer calls and has to wait until an available time which could be days, leaving the person waiting or shopping around. With Video Chat a Pro the business can instantly put a technician in front of the potential customer and provide an estimate. This saves the company time and turns the lead into a happy customer.


The platform allows for the company to charge per minute during the estimate and diagnosis. Usually, the technician arrives at the job with a short work order. He has not seen the issue or met the customer. He then has to leave to get parts or tools. With Video Chat a Pro the technician has seen the repair needed and arrives with the needed parts and tools. They have also already met the customer and got the difficult part out of the way, the price. Jason says, “The most difficult part of a service technician’s job is talking to the customer about the price.” Once the general budget is confirmed the technician can focus on the repair.


Why are you giving away your van?

I know the value of a service van to a trade business owner. It’s not just a van, it’s what you can do with a van. It’s one of our most valuable and needed tools. Business owners like me base the size of our business on the number of service vehicles we have on the road each day. So a van will be increasing the business’s revenue.


I want to benefit my fellow tradesmen. I know what they face every day and sometimes you need someone giving instead of just trying to take from you.


With the increased efficiency of using Video Chat a Pro the business owner will be able to put this van on the road. We want to provide tools to make tradesmen’s jobs a little easier and help them increase profits. We have based our whole business on this philosophy. We intend to continue the service vehicle giveaway.


If you own an electrical, HVAC, plumbing, appliance repair, landscaping, or auto repair business go to to sign up and enter to win. The first-month deal is $10, normally $100, and it’s $10 to enter to win the van.


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