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How to choose a gas leak repair contractor?

Gas piping should be carefully inspected and inspected before and after a gas leak repair. Gas leak repair contractors may be plumbers or HVAC mechanical contractors and should be properly licensed and insured to work with both types of gas, propane, and natural gas.

What should you do when you smell gas?

When you smell gas you should vacate the residence and if possible gauging on the severity of the odor turn the gas off if you can. A handy tool kit with a crescent wrench 8" to 10" will allow almost any person to turn the gas off. Natural gas meters have the meter right before the meter. Propane is stored in a tank and the valve should be located on the side of your home under the regulator. There is also a valve on top of the propane tank to turn off the gas.

How to do it yourself gas line repairs?

Do It Yourself gas line repairs or additions to gas piping systems should be properly instructed by licensed pros to provide the most successful path to a proper leak-free repair. 

What type of material is used to pipe gas in my home?

There are two types of material used in gas piping systems. Black steel pipe with threaded ends to be used with screw-type fittings. Yellow CSST or black CSST stainless steel corrugated tubing. Most types of yellow corrugated CSST gas piping required lightning protection by means of grounding bond between the electrical panel and CSST gas piping the newer black CSST has lightning proof shielding and does not require bonding.

What is LP gas?

Liquid petroleum gas is delivered by a truck and the driver fills the propane tank with a fuel hose. Some developments pipe the propane gas to the side of each home, meter it and charge accordingly. 

What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas lines are piped to the majority of American homes that have gas appliances for cooking, heating water, central heat, fireplaces, outdoor BBQ, pool heaters, saunas, spas, clothes dryers, and other things.


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