DIY Home Electrical Repair

Do It Yourself Home Electrical Repair

There are numerous reasons why electrical wires require repair. Identifying the type of electrical wire in your home will be the first step. Many electrical wires manufacturers print on the wire what type and gauge the wire is. Some older homes built in the early 1900s may have very dangerous wiring and will need to be replaced sooner than later. Electricity is dangerous and home electrical repairs should be instructed or performed by licensed electricians so that the electrical wiring does not short out and burn your home down.  Below are some common problems caused by faulty electrical wiring.

  • Rodents chew electrical wire until all shielding is removed, causing electricity to arc to the ground potentially causing a fire. In some cases, the rodent will actually catch fire as it is electrocuted igniting a house fire.
  • Electrical wiring that is excessively old and the wire shielding has become brittle, allowing it to crack and fall off leaving wires bare in attics. This is very dangerous and can cause a house fire when the electricity arcs to an unshielded ground wire.
  • Stretched Electrical wires cause the electrical wire shielding to be stretched or even broken at the tops of walls and around corners of rooms. This is caused when the original electrician hammers the wire staple too tight damaging the wire shielding. There are other causes such as nails being hammered through wires while hanging pictures and damaged wires while pulling through holes during construction.
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