Refrigerator Repair

Repair your own Refrigerator when you Video Chat with a Technician

Appliance repair technicians teach you how to repair refrigerators as you show them with video chat. Local appliance repair contractors look at your appliance with you to diagnose the problem and to give repair prices while getting repair part numbers to serve you faster. Many refrigerator repairs can be completed by homeowners when they receive instructions from appliance repair technicians. Learn to properly diagnose and repair your refrigerator or freezer with instructions and guidance of a verified appliance repair pro.

Common Refrigerator Problems 

Appliance repair technicians work hard to keep your appliances working properly. LiveStream Video Chat allows everyone to learn from the appliance repair technician. Refrigerator problems can be fixed by DIY homeowners most of the time. Learn all the how-to refrigerator repair tips you will ever need to know from real verified appliance repair technicians. LiveStream Video Chat with an appliance repair technician to learn about your refrigerator problems today. Learn if the refrigerator is fixable from a certified appliance repair technician before you invest time waiting and money paying for an appliance repair company to come over. 

The refrigerator is not cooling

  • no sound coming from the bottom would indicate the compressor is not working, check the electrical plug

The freezer will not defrost

  • check the defrost setting in the manual to verify it is on the proper setting
Water is leaking from the freezer door
  • Remove the ice build-up around the drain and check the door seal for damaged seal
Water filter change out
  • most manufactures have the directions listed in the owners manual or on their website

The ice maker is not making ice

  • Check water connection to the refrigerator and possibly change the water filter, verify ice maker switch is on

How to install an icemaker

  • Verify the ice maker is for your refrigerator follow directions

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