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Toilets are a very important part of day-to-day life for all people. The floor-mounted tank-type toilet is the most common toilet. Wall-mounted toilets are used in commercial applications and in some residential applications as well. The plumbing configurations between the two are very different and usually require highly skilled repair plumbers to complete toilet repairs. There are many different tools used when repair toilet problems. The most common toilet problems are caused by age, water quality, and of course what goes through them. 

How to Fix a Toilet Bowl that is Loose and Rocking at the Floor

  • There are a couple reasons the toilet can become loose and rock. The toilet flange that the toilet mounts to could be or is broken. The bolts could just be loose and require tightening. The floor is unlevel and there are no shims.

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What type of toilet is this?

  • There are many types of toilets and have been many throughout the years. Most toilets can accept universal parts however some will not. There may not be any identifying marks left on the toilet after years of use.

How do I get that toilet tank off?

  • There are a couple ways to remove the toilet tank. The methods instructed by plumbers will require you to use safety equipment and wear safety equipment.
What is the best toilet?
  • The best toilet is the brand with the most reliable parts and the largest trap way. Toilet trap ways range from 1.78" to 2.75" and all use roughly the same internal parts. Toilets come in different styles and in two heights.
How do I get the toilet bolts off without breaking the toilet bowl?
  • The toilet bowl bolts must be cut or the toilet bowl must be carefully broken to remove rusty toilet bolts.
How much to replace a toilet?
  • Prices to install toilets range from $99 to $229 just to install a toilet

How long do toilets last?

  • Toilets can last upwards of 20 years in perfect conditions. Toilets can be maintained every few years to increase longevity.
Why does my toilet tank fill slowly?
  • Toilets fill slowly due to scale build-up and debris in the water clogging the toilet fill valve. 
Why does my toilet bowl fill slowly?
  • Toilet bowls can fill slowly due to building up between the tank to bowl and throughout the lip on the bowl reducing the amount of water that passes through to the bowl.
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