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DIY Water Heater Repair
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The loss of hot water during any time of the day can be frustrating and cause interruption of day-to-day activities. There are measures that can be taken to reduce your risk of experiencing a water heater repair emergency. The average homeowner is capable of performing water heater maintenance to help extend the life of the water heater.

Water Heater Questions Asked by DIY Homeowners 

How do you maintain a water heater properly? 

How do I maintain my water heater safely?

What is the discoloration of the hot water caused by?

Why does my hot water smell?

How much do water heaters cost?

How long do water heaters last?



Common Water Heater Terminology

Thermal expansion

Water Heater Drain Valve

Water Heater Supply Valve

Expansion Tank

T&P temperature pressure relief valve


Overflow pan

Supply line

Dielectric Unions


Flue Pipe

Gas Control Valve

Gas water heaters operate by means of a temperature sensing gas control valve. The gas control valve controls the temperature by turning the gas on and off to the burner. 


Thermocouple / Flame Sensor

Hot Water Recirculation System

DIY Water Heater Maintenance