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Cost To Paint House Exterior
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Cost To Paint A House Exterior

The national average cost to paint the exterior of a house is $3.03 per square foot. So, the total square footage is the best indicator of how much an exterior house painting work will cost.

If the interior of your home is 1,800 square feet, then the exterior painting surface area may be quite near to the same size. Don't forget to factor in the square footage of any additional structures, such as a sunroom or garage. If you use this "ballpark" method correctly, you may estimate the surface area of the exterior you need to paint to within 500-1000 square feet. Find further resources to help you determine how to measure your home's size.

Additionally, if there are any dormers on a two-story house or a steep incline, you need to add an extra ten percent to fifty percent of square footage. You'll need more time and people power to adequately paint these exterior home surfaces, so be sure to account for that. Similarly, sections where the paint is peeling or flaking will need substantial preparation before being repainted.

Using the above information, you can calculate the cost of painting outside your home by multiplying the square footage to be painted by the $2.34-$3.72 per square foot estimate.

Estimating the Price of Painting a House

The total price of your house exterior painting project is affected by a number of factors beyond the paint and labor costs alone. Your contractor's bid will be affected by a number of factors, including the location, climate, and quantity of preliminary work required.


The price of labor is between $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot. This amounts to $25–$100 for each painter per hour. Included in that price is the expense of priming and painting. If priming the exterior is unnecessary, you can save half of that amount. However, depending on the severity of the issue, the price of labor could rise by as much as 100 percent if repairs are required.


The overall budget for the project may change based on where you live. In Deltona, Florida, you can expect to pay between $1,400 and $3,300 on average to have your home painted. Los Angeles charges an average of $2,900 - $6,200 for the same work, more than double the national average.

The weather has an effect on the materials used, the conditions under which they are applied, and the final price. The cost of labor might rise by as much as 50 percent if workers are subjected to excessive heat or cold. As an added note, specialized paint, such as that used in storm-prone locations to survive repeated beatings from bad weather, storm damage, and moisture damage, can cost up to twice as much as regular exterior paint.

Planning and Preparation
The price per square foot for home preparation can range from $0.50 to $2.50. In nearly all cases, this is already factored into the estimated cost. However, the do-it-yourselfer may be able to haggle for lower prices in exchange for doing the work themselves. Be forewarned that the quality and longevity of the finish depend on your diligent preparation. If you decide to complete this job on your own, the contractor may not stand by the results.

Price ranges for exterior paint run from $20 to $80 per gallon. Be mindful that extra coats may be necessary for some paints and surfaces (such as stucco and wood) to get the desired effect.

If you want the paint to last, look good, and keep your house safe, spend as much as possible on it for this job. It's important to remember that greater prices typically indicate higher quality when purchasing paint. Usually, the higher the price of paint, the more solids it contains and the higher the quality of those solids. If you're not sure which paint would be ideal for your job, a helpful employee at your local hardware shop can make suggestions.

Total Amount of Trimming
The price per linear foot to paint trim ranges from $1 to $6. If you want a unified look, you'll need to think about the window and door casings. Your siding contractor will include the cost of doing the trim at the same time.

Typically, this work requires a permit that costs between $200 and $300. While a permit isn't typically needed for merely painting the outside of a building, one may be required for more extensive work like repairing or replacing the siding.

The Process of Stripping Paint
The price per square foot to remove paint ranges from half a cent to two dollars. It's possible that you won't have to strip all of the paint off the house, but you will have to do it in the areas where the paint has bubbled and flaked.

For homes constructed before 1978, lead paint may still be present on the external siding. Professional assistance is required to ensure everyone's safety and lessen the likelihood of soil contamination. The price per square foot to remove lead paint averages between $8 and $17.

Cost of Exterior Painting by Type of Siding
As with interior painting, siding and other external materials can have a significant impact on the final price tag. Wood siding that has been painted before may need a spot prime after flaking paint has been scraped and sanded away.

However, a complete layer of masonry priming is required prior to painting unpainted brick. Add a minimum of two coats of high-quality exterior acrylic latex paint after priming.

Brick takes much longer to paint than clapboard siding, so expect a higher cost per square foot. Therefore, if you try to estimate the price of an external paint job based just on square footage, you will get inaccurate results.

Homes with brick, stucco or vinyl siding may benefit more from a siding-specific exterior paint cost estimate.

Other Cost Determinants
The paint cost is only a small portion of an exterior painting project's overall budget. It just takes two coats and three gallons of paint to completely cover the exterior of the typical one-story home. That's why opting for cheap, low-quality paint won't result in significant savings. In most cases, you should go for the best quality that your finances would permit. Longer periods might pass between painting jobs when using higher-quality paint.

Type of Colorant
There are three distinct types of exterior paint: latex, acrylic, and oil. The cost of oil-based paints is higher than that of latex and water-based paints. Always consider the surface you'll be painting before deciding on a paint.

Water-based latex paint is the safest and most convenient to use. Since it dries rapidly and can be applied to big areas with ease, it is perfect for use on external walls. Also widely used are latex paints, which have become increasingly accessible due to their low cost. The paint's capacity to expand and shrink with the underlying substance also makes it incredibly long-lasting. Costing anywhere from $20 to $70 a gallon, latex paint is typically sold in five-gallon buckets for more substantial painting jobs.

Latex acrylic paint is a common name for acrylic paint that is water-based. Sometimes the solvent in acrylic paint is a combination of substances. This not only makes it more waterproof than latex paint but also makes it more flexible and elastic. It dries slowly and isn't as easy to spread as latex paint. Latex and acrylic both cost around $20 to $70 per gallon; thus, the two are priced similarly.

Because of their pungent odor and the chemical compounds they produce when wet, oil-based paints are becoming increasingly uncommon. These paints are safer for outside usage and are more durable than water-based paints, making them a popular choice among homeowners. This makes them more challenging to clean and more prone to cracking and fading. Oil-based paints are great for trim, doors, and smaller details and can cost anywhere from $30 to $90 per gallon.

Diy It!
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