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Air Conditioning Repair by Shane Yonts to Repair HVAC

AC Repair by Shane Yonts is Air Conditioning Repair

I've personally installed hundreds of HVAC systems,since 1999 in the southern Indiana/Louisville area. I'm very quick at diagnosing HVAC issues,starting with the most common,weak areas of a given model/brand.
I have all documents of your model # at my finger tips,(all brochures/efficiencies/wiring diagrams/etc.)
I can quickly walk you through repair - and pass to you any documents to help you,as well as advice/links of where to get your part reasonable, I can even share an efficiency calculator- with local utility prices, to help you choose replacement, if needed.

Heating and Air Conditioning by Shane Yonts to Learn How

HVAC service can be performed by you with heating and air conditioning help from me if you own or rent the proper tools, you can get the ac repair done. I have worked with air conditioning for many years, and I know how to teach you how to do air conditioning repair services. You are heating and cooling near me when you choose the HVAC to teach you a c repair.

Air Conditioning Repair with Shane Yonts to Repair HVAC

All brands of 90%+ efficient gas furnaces (will have PVC exhaust pipe)
80% efficient gas furnaces (flu pipe will be metal)
All electric furnaces/air handlers
All Central air units
All Heat Pumps
All package units (entire unit sits outside)
I'm an expert at mobile home systems
I've designed many duct systems
I attended Ivy Tech State College for HVAC from 1998-2000

Heating and Air Conditioning Virtual Repair Help to Homeowners
HVAC Repair Reviews of Shane Yonts for AC Repair Near Me

I have worked in the air conditioning repair industry for many years to be able to provide the best learning experience to my customers on Video Chat A Pro. I ask that you check out some of the wonderful a c repair reviews the other do-it-yourselfers have posted. I show up to ac repair video chats on time and listen to your heating and air conditioning repair needs while you show me on the video chat. I am a friendly HVAC repair near me that enjoys helping people successfully complete their own air conditioning repairs.

Air Conditioning Repairs with Shane Yonts for AC Repair Now

Before you quit and give up on your heating and air conditioning repair give me a chance to help you do you’re a c repair. I bet you will be surprised by all that I will teach you about heating and air conditioning repairs. You will know how to fix this problem in the future and possibly even do this ac repair for a family member or a friend in the future. There is no better way for you to learn how to do your HVAC repair near me than on a Video Chat with me. I look forward to meeting you soon.