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Johnny Reese

Paint and repair various parts of the buildings.
Repair the electrical systems in spaces.
Make sure mechanical equipment is functional.
Complete all general building upkeep and cleaning.
Installing and updating plumbing, stairs, and flooring as necessary.
Keep recycling and garbage bins handy all across the building.
Maintaining and fixing heating and cooling systems as needed.
Handle the scheduling process.
Manage the cash flow.
Ensure proper functioning of the mechanical equipment.
Client management.
Perform different repair and maintenance tasks.
Handle the employee.

Electronic Repairs:
installs, and inspects electronics or electronic systems as directed through verbal or written directions, diagrams, drawings, or specifications.
Maintains and makes necessary operating adjustments to the organizations electronic systems.
Determines material or replacement needs and a logical method for repair; takes appropriate action to meet those needs and makes repairs.
Ensures local, state, and national electrical codes are followed and proper materials are used throughout electrical systems.
Manages and installs cables and wiring, splicing as needed.
Creates or adapts parts as needed to make repairs and improve the performance of various electronics.
Performs safety checks to ensure design plans are feasible in various conditions.
Reports potentially dangerous electrical equipment to supervisor and takes steps to resolve the issue.
Instructs employees regarding safe working procedures and requirements when working with electronic equipment and components.
Develops and maintains records related to electronic and electrical equipment.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

We serve any brand of product that needs to be repaired or service. If it's repairable we'll fix it.