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Ken's Repair is a Local Automotive Shop Located in Scioto Ohio That Can Fix Automotive Problems.

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Ken's Repair provides automotive repairs and is located at Scioto Ohio. You will need to have your automobile towed in for diagnostics and repair. We use video chat to show you what we find when you drop your vehicle off. Automotive repair does not have to be scary. We will show you the problem and show you the repair we performed when we are done, answer your questions and have your vehicle ready for pick up. Video chat provides a path for us to show you what we worked on so that you can better trust Ken's Repair.

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At Ken's Repair customer service is our highest priority. We aim to exceed customer expectations during every interaction along the way. Please take a look at our reviews to help guide your decision to call on Ken's Repair to fix your vehicle today. Thank You for Your Consideration to Hire Ken's Repair Using Video Chat A Pro Today.