JOHN BEISHER  is a Video Chat Mechanics JOHN BEISHER  is a Video Chat Mechanics

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John Beisher

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Hi my name is John I have been a Auto/Diesel Mechanic for 30+ years I know all phases of cars, trucks, big rigs, heavy equipment, hydraulics,

JOHN is Here to Give Auto Repair Instructions

I specialize in computer diagnostic, suspension, transmission, and engine repair,brakes, tune ups, charging system, timing belts, or chains ,turbo charged an supercharged engines ,electronics, rear ends,exhaust if you have any issues i can help you find out what is wrong with your vehicles and help you fix it .

JOHN Can Teach you How to Work on Your Car or Truck

While performing auto repair during my career as a mechanic I have seen many automobile owners fail when attempting to be a mechanic for cars because they were unable to obtain proper instructions from a mechanic prior to attempting the repair, replacement, or upgrade. An Experienced mechanic like me can instruct you to do a performance upgrade as well if not better than any mechanic shop.

JOHN Teaches You How to Maintain Your Automobiles Properly

JOHN Has Reviews from People Who Needed Auto Repair Help

I have worked as an auto repair mechanic for many years to be able to provide the best learning experience to my customers on Video Chat A Pro. I ask that you check out the auto repair reviews other auto repair mobile do-it-yourselfers have posted. I show up to auto repair video chats on time and listen to the automotive problems on your mechanic mobile while you show me on the video chat. I am a friendly auto repair mechanic that enjoys helping people successfully complete their auto repair mobile projects.

Consider a Video Chat with JOHN to Save Time

Before you quit and give up on your mechanic mobile auto repair project give me a chance to help you be the auto repair mechanic. I bet you will be surprised by all the auto repair that I will teach you. You will know how to mechanic auto repair in the future and even possibly fix this auto repair problem for a family member or a friend in the future. There is no better way for you to learn how to be a mechanic for cars than a Video Chat with me. I look forward to meeting you soon.