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How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet?

Issues with your shower valve can cause dripping from the shower faucet which can be annoying and increase your water bill. If your shower is going drip, drip, drip you may be wasting gallons of water each month.

Option 1: DIY Shower Faucet Repair

Video Chat a Pro offers a way for you to get professional advice on your shower faucet repair. There are many parts inside of the shower valve which control the water. Hard water deposits and wear and tear can cause those shower valve parts to fail. Many times these parts are able to be replaced. Having the help of a Video Chat Plumber can be a huge time saver and will help you get your DIY project done correctly.

Option 2: Get a Plumbing Shower Repair Estimate From a Local Plumbing Contractor

With Video Chat a Pro you can search for local plumbing companies and get a shower faucet repair estimate instantly over video chat. Do you only have a shower repair question? No problem. Plumbing companies are able to video chat with you and answer all of your shower repair questions and give you advice on the shower repair options. During the live video chat with the plumber, they will be able to see the type of shower valve you have in your home and arrive prepared to the plumbing service call.

How-To Do a Shower Drain Repair?

Another plumbing repair that may present itself is a shower drain leak. Shower drain leaks can be very damaging to your home. If the shower drain leak is on your second floor the drain water can leak down to the ceiling below causing mold and damage. When this happens you will need to cut a hole in the ceiling to see where the shower drain is leaking from and to complete the shower drain leak repair.

Replacing Shower Plumbing?

The next step is to decide if you are ready to take on this DIY shower drain repair yourself or hire a local plumbing company to handle the shower drain repair for you.

If you are ready to do it yourself then we recommend having online advice from a plumbing pro. When you Video Chat with the DIY plumber they will tell you the step-by-step process of repairing the shower drain potentially saving you a lot of time and money. You can ask online plumbing pros questions and be prepared for your shower drain repair. Video Chat with a plumber and get your questions answered.

If you believe this project is too much for you to handle and would like to hire a plumbing professional locally then search on Video Chat a Pro. The Video Chat plumbing company will be able to video chat with you to see the plumbing repair needed and give you an estimate on the shower drain repair. This should alleviate some of the stress you are feeling with your plumbing repair since you know the price before the plumbing technician arrives at your home.

Replacing Shower Plumbing?

Are you going to remodel your bathroom and replace your shower plumbing? Remodeling a shower can be a very exciting and stressful plumbing do-it-yourself project. When you remove the walls you will have the first glimpse of what is current shower plumbing. So now you are already into your remodel project and at the point of no return. When replacing shower plumbing you will need to connect to what is currently there. If the shower drain or shower water lines are in bad shape you may need to replace some shower plumbing. If you want to change a tub to a shower you will need to completely move the tub drain to the center to accommodate a shower. You will also need to move the valve placement up and remove the tub spout. This is also a good time to move the shower head up if wanted.

Video Chat a Pro is here to help with your shower remodel project. If you would like to DIY your shower plumbing or hire a licensed plumber we can guide you in the right direction. Schedule a Video Chat Pro and go over the shower remodel project and get the details and advice from a plumber. They have done this many times and will know the correct steps.

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