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Fix a Leaking Bathtub Faucet with Tips from Ask a Plumber
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Ask a Plumber Online How to fix Your Leaking Bathtub Faucet

A leaking bathtub faucet can be irritating and increase your water bills over time, in addition to leaving a stain in your bathtub. You'll likely only need to replace one part, and then you're good to go.

This is a plumbing repair you can complete yourself with professional plumber help at Video Chat a Pro. With a few basic tools and tips for plumbing, you can save the cost of hiring a technician to do the repair for you.

Why is your tub leaking?

The most common reason for a leaking faucet is an old washer that needs to be replaced. When you talk to a plumber at Video Chat a Pro, you will be advised to first shut off the water supply. There may be a valve to turn off the water to the bathtub, or you may have to turn off the water supply to your whole house with a lever near the water meter.

You can find the leak by following these steps:

Then check for damaged seals or worn-out gaskets before putting everything back together again in its original position.

It's also essential to ensure that all threaded parts are hand-tightened only--no need for tools here.

How to fix leaking bathtub faucet single handle

If your bathtub faucet is leaking, here are a few ways you can fix it:

1. Check the handle. Most handles have a screw on the inside that controls the flow of water through the spout.

If this screw is loose or missing, water will leak out around the base of the handle when it is turned on. Tighten the screw or replace it with a new one if necessary.

2. Replace worn washers. Sometimes just replacing washers can fix a leaking faucet — especially if it is worn or corroded.

Remove them with pliers and replace them with new ones from your local hardware store (or use some plumber's putty as an alternative).

3. Replace the stem. If the washers or screw did not fix the problem, it might be time to replace the stem.

Remove all the parts from the faucet by unscrewing them from their respective places (use a wrench if necessary). Once they are removed, take them with you to your local hardware store so that they can help you find an exact replacement for your old one.

Once you have replaced the washer and checked and replaced the seat as necessary, you can put everything back in place and turn the water on to make sure the faucet is no longer leaking. Talk to a plumber at Video Chat a Pro if you need extra guidance on repairing a leaking tub faucet or if you need help locating a plumber in your area.

How to fix a leaky bathtub faucet

We've got a handy tool that lets you find the right expert for your project. Just answer a few questions about what you need help with, and we'll connect you with one of our vetted pros who can provide an estimate, make the repair or take on the task.

1. Check Your Faucet For Leaks

If you're looking for a quick solution to your problem, check your faucet for leaks first. You can turn off the water supply to your sink and then place a lit candle under it.

If there's water dripping from one or more of the connections on the top of the faucet head, there's an issue with either the supply line or O-rings in your faucet valve cartridge (these are rubber rings around each connection).

2. Replace The O-Rings

If no leaks are coming from your faucet, but it still drips when you turn it off, try replacing all three O-rings at once while they're easy to access:

-one on top of each connection and one on top of the cartridge stem (the middle part that sticks up through the faucet head). If you can't find replacement O-rings locally, try Amazon or a hardware store.

3. Replace The Valve Cartridge

If none of the above fixes your dripping faucet, it's time to replace the valve cartridge inside your faucet head (the top half that screws onto the stem).

-This is usually an easy DIY project if you have some plumbing experience and access to tools like pipe wrenches and adjustable crescent wrenches.

If you need help with this project, We offer video chat services by connecting professionals to people wanting to fix things in their homes or vehicle. It shows a step-by-step guide for replacing a valve cartridge in an older faucet.

Tips for plumbing

There are many things to consider when it comes to plumbing. The following tips can help you to avoid common problems and also help you to deal with them if they do occur.

If you have a leaky faucet and your water bill seems abnormal, it may be time to change the aerator. This part filters particles from the water stream before it leaves the faucet and gets into the drain.

If you live in an area with cold winters, don't forget to turn off all outside faucets when they're not in use.

Fixtures like sprinklers and hose bibs can freeze during winter if left on. You need to ensure that these fixtures are turned off so they do not burst during freezing temperatures.

Plumbing chat

Plumbing Chat is where you can get answers to your plumbing questions or learn about plumbing problems and solutions through the Video Chat a Pro app.

You can ask questions related to:

- Sewer systems and drains

- Toilets and toilets repair

- Faucets and faucet repair

- Sinks, bathtubs, and shower repair

- Water heaters, water softeners, and water treatment systems

If you are looking for information about plumbing, this is the right place for you.

DIY plumbing advice

If you're looking for some DIY plumbing advice, we have a few tips to help you get started on the right foot.

Like anything else, plumbing is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice. Here are some of our favorite plumbing tips and advice to help get you started:

1. Always use the right tools, and a good plumber will have the right tools for the job at hand.

If you tackle DIY plumbing projects, it's best to invest in high-quality tools and equipment, so you don't end up damaging pipes or breaking fittings during installation.

2. Use Teflon tape when installing new faucets or fixtures. This thin plastic tape helps seal threads on pipe fittings and valves, so leaks don't occur later on down the road when water pressure is increased through those pipes. It's cheap insurance against leaks.

3. Always use plumber’s putty when installing a drain to create a good seal.


We hope this article has given you some valuable tips for fixing your leaking bathtub faucet.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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