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12 Trending Plumbing Problems Plumbers Teach You How to Fix
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12 Plumbing Problems Plumbers Want You to Fix Yourself Today

12 Trending Problems Plumbers Want You to Fix Yourself

Doing plumbing repairs yourself can be easy with instructions from a plumber. The plumber can teach you what tools and materials are available to save time. Many plumbing repairs are simple, and a plumber on Video Chat A Pro can guide you through your repair. If your repair is more complex than you’re able to accomplish, we can direct you to a local plumber in your area.

When it comes to plumbing repairs, there are many components that can go wrong that can affect your entire home. Here are 12 trending plumbing problems plumbers want you to fix yourself. Many plumbers believe you can do these 12 trending super simple plumbing repairs yourself, such as replacing a shut-off valve or unclogging a sink. One of the most important plumbing components is the shut-off valve, which is sometimes difficult to find but easy to replace.

It is always a good idea to rely on a licensed plumber for larger plumbing jobs if needed, but you can do smaller plumbing repairs yourself.

Save money by doing simple plumbing repairs yourself. These fixes are completely DIY with basic tools and skills.

Fix Leaking Bathtub Faucet .png

1. How to Fix a Leaking Bathtub Faucet

Repairing a leaking bathtub faucet is an easy repair, even if you’re not a plumbing expert. Stop wasting money on high water bills and do it yourself in less than an hour.

2. How to Flush a Hot Water Heater

You can extend the life of your water heater and get it operating like new by learning how to drain it in just a few minutes.

Running Toilet.jpg

3. How to Fix a Running Toilet

We offer easy, straightforward fixes for running toilets that you can do yourself. Live chat with a licensed plumber.

4. How to Find a Water Leak

There are simple ways to locate and repair common water leaks before they cause expensive damage. Talk to a plumber for expert advice.

How to Unclog a toilet.jpg

5. How to Unclog a Toilet

Every homeowner needs to have the basic skills to repair a clogged toilet.

6. How to Repair a Kitchen Faucet

Are you wasting money with high water bills because of a leaking kitchen faucet? Make repairs yourself with a live chat plumber.

7. How to Repair a Leaking Water Heater

Fix common water heater leaks from a temperature and pressure relief valve or a water heater drain valve by checking temperature settings and mineral deposits. If you have a problem with the top of the water heater leaking, ask a plumber for guidance.

8. How to Unclog a Shower Drain

Why schedule a service call when you can fix a clogged tub drain quickly and easily yourself? Most of the time, all you have to do is remove the stopper and take out the debris that causes the problem.

9. How to Light a Pilot Light on a Water Heater

Most plumbers make lighting a water heater look easy and only spend a few minutes to see why you needed to relight the water heater. If for some reason the lighting instruction does not help you can talk to a plumber on Video Chat A Pro for assistance. Most models of gas water heaters have a simple ignitor and have instructions on to use it on a sticker.

10. How to Replace a Shutoff Valve

The plumbers on Video Chat A Pro can give you tips to locate and replace your shutoff valves, including the replacement of a shutoff valve out by the curb or in the well house.

Garbage Disposal Heading Video Chat a Pro.png

11. How to Repair a Garbage Disposal

Any plumber will tell you that you can repair or simply replace your garbage disposal yourself. However, in the event, you run into some problems you can hire a plumber on Video Chat A Pro to get advice from a plumber.

12. How to Replace Washing Machine Hoses

Ask a plumber for assistance when you are having trouble replacing a pair of washing machine hoses.

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