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Troubleshooting A Rheem Water Heater | DIY Plumbing Advice
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Troubleshooting A Rheem Water Heater

Some of the best water heaters on the market are made by Rheem. They are affordable and long-lasting. It can be especially upsetting when you experience problems with your Rheem water heater because their dependability is what makes them so appealing. Sometimes issues do arise that demand troubleshooting before you hire a skilled specialist to fix them. In order to assist you with these issues and how to resolve them, we conducted research on your behalf.

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Not staying On

You could notice that your Rheem water heater occasionally turns on, while other times it does not. If you see irregularities, your pilot light could be struggling to stay lit.

Your Rheem water heater's igniter or combustion changer may be the issue if the pilot won't remain lit. A filthy combustion chamber will make it difficult for your pilot light to stay lit. This is because more dust and dirt in the combustion chamber may suffocate the oxygen supply, extinguishing your pilot light.

Additionally, the igniter may be to blame for a pilot light that won't remain lit. Check the wire that is located on the bottom right of your igniter by taking out the pilot assembly converter. Your fuse line is here. Your pilot light may not work if it is broken or loose.

No Power

One of the primary reasons your Rheem water heater may not be operating is the electrical supply. You may have blown a fuse or the power source to which your Rheem water heater is attached is defective. There can be a problem with the safety switch as well.

If you cannot receive hot water, you will see that your Rheem water heater is not powered. Your water heater might be losing electricity due to a few different problems. Before evaluating your Rheem water heater, like with any electrical job, be sure that all power has been turned off to it.

Burner Staying Off

Your Rheem water heater's pilot light can start to illuminate, but the burner might not. The thermocoupler may come to mind first, but this is not always the case.

It may be connected to the oxygen level if your Rheem water heater pilot glows but your burner does not. To keep burning, flames need to consume oxygen; else, they would extinguish. You may clean the combustion chamber by removing the plate. Usually, this is a temporary solution.

Circuit Breaker

The first problem that can exist with your home's circuit breakers is if your Rheem water heater isn't receiving power. A power spike experienced by your water heater may trip the circuit. To make sure that all of the circuits are in the appropriate place, check your breaker.

If your circuit breaker is working properly, the problem is probably a fuse. Glass fuses are used in Rheem water heaters. High temperatures and prolonged use can damage a glass fuse if you have one. Find the red button on the rear of your Rheem water heater after replacing the fuse. Press your finger on this button to reset the device.

Odd Sounds

Even though your water heater probably makes some noise, it sometimes makes odd noises that you have never heard before. Sediment that has built up and settled on the tank's sides or bottom may be the cause of a rumbling sound. When the water warms up and is forced upward through the silt, it makes the noise.

Another unusual sound is the popping that happens as bubbles form beneath the sediment when the water warms up. Do not disregard any other sounds that emanate from your water tank, even though they are not the only ones you could hear. Drain the tank of water to fix the problem. You might need to get the tank replaced if this doesn't work.

Ignition Issues

You won't have hot water if the pilot light on your Rheem water heater won't light or turn on. Like all other appliances, water heaters require routine maintenance. If you don't do this, your Rheem water heater could not function correctly.

Disconnect the pilot light, main burner gas tubes, and thermocouple first if your Rheem water heater's pilot light won't light or ignite. This is a crucial step since you should never operate on a connected water heater. After that, take off the burner's and the pilot assembly's covers.

The gas chamber's cleanliness is what you wish to verify. There may be a significant quantity of junk within your water heater. Your pilot light will be stifled as a result of this since it may lower the oxygen level. Regularly cleaning out your Rheem water heater is an excellent idea. The combustion chamber can be cleaned with a shop vac.

Some of the material can be crystallized or rusted. You should also get rid of this. You may rejoin your water heater and restart it once you've made sure the combustion chamber is clean. Hold down the "Pilot" button while pressing the "Ignite" switch on the right side to restart your Rheem water heater.

Discolored Liquid

Your faucet releasing brown or brownish water is a strong indication that corrosion is already taking place inside your water tank or in the water lines. The tank has a part known as an anode. By drawing minerals from the water that would otherwise erode your tank's anode, it protects and extends the life of the anode.

However, with time it becomes worn down and loses efficiency, and the sediments begin to erode your tank's inside. An electrician is the ideal person to replace the anode in this situation.

Resetting A Rheem Heater

Unlike normal water heaters, Rheem water heaters are unique. They are electric water heaters, which explains why. Your water heater may have various problems that call for you to do a reset on it. This procedure is quick and simple.

You must glance at the white panel on the front of your Rheem water heater in order to reset it. It will feature a red switch, a big red dial, and a light. You need to turn it off in order to reset it. Disconnect the power supply to your Rheem water heater after you've done that.

Before plugging your water heater back in, wait at least 60 seconds after disconnecting it. The red knob should then be turned to "Low." The red toggle switch should then be flipped back to the on position. Once it is turned on, you should make around ten turns from "Low" to "Very Hot." After doing this, your Rheem water heater should reset and the pilot light should automatically ignite.

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