Mike Bentkowski

I have been in the Electrical field for 36 years and received my training through an apprenticeship. I have been licensed in NC since 2002 and have been blessed in both my personal and business life. I've run, managed and owned several small business ventures, including a 35 tech Electrical Service business. My experiences in this trade have been wide and varied, but I am still learning daily. I've worked everything from Nuclear Power Plants to rewiring homes. I love what I do and I love to coach and teach even more. I'm here because this looks to be a lot of fun and I have used video as a tool to teach homeowners within my own business, over the years.


Residential, Commercial, Industrial Electrical. Rewiring, troubleshooting & Repair. Coaching and teaching.

Product Knowledge

All Residential Electrical Products, from floor to door, simple switches to smart home wiring.

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