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White Coat Disinfecting

We are taking every safety precaution necessary, to provide a safe and therapeutic healing environment here at Orlando City Health and Wellness! We had our office professionally disinfected by White Coat Building Wash today. Don’t just take my word for it though, ask them, they’re certified to disinfectant your business, car, home and even hospitals!


We’ve got your back and understand the strange times we are in. White Coat Disinfecting can mobilize and respond rapidly for Emergency Response Cleaning services. We are Certified Specialists in Environmental Decontamination.

Product Knowledge

White Coat Disinfecting provide hospital grade surface disinfection. We use List N disinfectants and only EPA-registered and scientifically validated products and techniques. Also, we offer a 6-stage Air disinfection service for continuous Indoor Air Quality. Call us with any questions.

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