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About Video Chat A Pro and the Founders that Created It

About the Founders of Video Chat A Pro

Video Chat A Pro was founded in 2018 by Jason and Jessica, a master plumber and an interior designer who together have owned and managed various plumbing and HVAC businesses. During our 20-plus years in the plumbing and HVAC business, we have seen enough homes and buildings to encompass the operation methods of almost every aspect of home and automotive repair. Not to mention the thousands of homeowners we have worked for throughout these 20-plus years in the plumbing and HVAC industry who had attempted to fix their stuff and had to give up and call on the many businesses we have operated. But the #1 thing that always seemed to stand out was the fact that almost every homeowner started the journey to get their stuff repaired by attempting to learn if they could fix it themselves.

Ask Plumbing and HVAC Repair Customers

In 2017, Jason began asking plumbing and HVAC customers, if they had the option to use video chat to get an estimate or consult with a technician in leu of watching YouTube videos, would you have used it? The answer was always yes, followed by a statement, “Wouldn’t that be nice”.

A Tool that Helps Both Types of Home and Auto Owner

After 400 homeowners all said the same thing, Jason and Jessica knew there was an opportunity to put on a new type of tool belt and build the ultimate path for you to shop before you hire a local business or learn how to fix it yourself. We had seen firsthand that there was a need for homeowners to easily learn how much the repair service costs before they waited for the business to come to their homes or take their automobiles to the repair shop. for service businesses that fit their budget, and as a business owner, I see firsthand how wasteful it is to utilize resources to attempt to fix their problems. It was at this point I realized there are only 2 ways to fix your home or automobile, do it yourself or hire a professional. There needed to be a way to merge these 2 paths into a service that could encompass both types of home and automobile owners. So that is exactly what I did, made home and auto repair services shoppable and how-to instructions readily available from expert professionals.

A Challenging Journey to be Found

Jason knew it would be hard to get this new service in front of customers because Video Chat A Pro would have to outrank the lead generation directory platforms used to hire local businesses. Not to mention the difficulty of getting Google to realize that video chatting with a licensed tradesperson in real-time has more value to offer you than watching YouTube videos.

A New Found Digital Home and Auto Repair Service

I want to thank you for checking out Video Chat A Pro and congratulate you on finding the best way to fix your home and automobile today. Enjoy this new route that allows you to make a professional choice of how you can fix your stuff because those old methods to hire a professional or learn how to do it yourself are just not up to par in the digital world we live in today.