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Video Chat Services is your Solution to Learn How to DIY any Home Improvement 

Verified Licensed Technicians provide DIY home improvement help and instructions using video chat. Many homeowners DIY to save money while other people DIY because they like to. 

Auto Mechanics can Teach you how to Diagnose and Repair your specific vehicle using Video Chat

Many online videos are not of your specific vehicle and can be confusing. That's why Video Chat a Pro offers Certified Automotive Mechanics to provide DIY auto repair help and instructions using video chat.

Learn more about How to DIY and Fix it Properly from a Verified Licensed Technician on Video Chat a Pro

Learn how to properly DIY any repair with licensed plumbers, electricians, appliance technicians, HVAC technicians, landscapers, and auto mechanics before you start to get instructions before you begin 

Are you worried the project may be too big for you to do yourself?

Meet with a Local Company or Mechanic Shop with Video Chat Services. Video Chat with local home improvement contractors and automotive repair shops to build trust before you risk it.

Home Improvements Start with Video Chat a Pro

Home improvements that start with video chat are much more fun. Chances are you have made many trips or purchased the wrong repair parts in the past because you were missing a key element in DIY home improvements. What is that you ask? You were missing proper training and instruction from a licensed professional. That's right, I said it, and every licensed tradesman in the country will agree.

DIY Home Improvement Help and DIY Auto Repair Help in the Palm of your Hand

Get the help you need to complete do it yourself home improvements from a verified licensed technician. Don't risk it, learn from a pro! Get the help you need faster because we have the best pros to teach you!

Licensed Plumbers teach you how to fix your own plumbing.

Licensed HVAC Heating and Cooling Repair Technicians teach you how to maintain and repair your own equipment.

Certified Appliance Repair Technicians teach you how to repair your specific appliance.

Certified Automotive Mechanics teach you how to repair your automotive problem.

Licensed Certified Landscape Irrigation Technicians teach you how to landscape and irrigate your property.

Licensed Electricians teach you how to repair electrical problems in your home.



 Save Money

Complete your DIY Home improvements or DIY automotive repairs properly when you Video Chat with a Technician. Save money when you make fewer trips, and eliminate failed DIY repairs.

Video Chat with Home improvement contractors and Automotive Repair Shops to build trust before you hire.

 Save Time

Show the licensed technician or automotive mechanic the problem to save time when seeking instructions.

Save time by making fewer trips to the store to get parts and tools. Complete your DIY repair faster by fixing it right the first time.

 Learn a New Skill

Video Chat with a licensed certified professional to successfully complete DIY home improvements on your home. Video Chat to get instructions from a licensed professional. 

 No Stranger in Your Home

Video Chat with a verified licensed technician instead of watching a how-to video or meet the contractor before it arrives at your home. Build trust to eliminate the stranger in your home. 








Video Chat Services make Home Improvement and Auto Repair Faster