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All you have to do is select your project category, choose a technician, check their reviews and schedule a video chat to learn how to fix it yourself.

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HVAC How-to Videos

Video Chat with HVAC technicians to get the best instructions. Learn to properly diagnose heating or cooling equipment. Don't risk it, video chat with a certified technician to learn what you need to know. The video chat pros are experienced heating & cooling technicians ready to teach you how to fix it properly.

We know it is difficult to find the right HVAC Video to help with your specific heating or cooling repair need.

Video Chat a Pro allows you to instantly Video Chat live with licensed HVAC technicians to show the problem and receive instruction immediately.

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Plumbing How-to Videos

Video Chat a Pro offers verified licensed Video Chat Plumbers to provide project specific DIY plumbing repair instruction. Show your water heater problem to a Video Chat Plumber with a smart phone to get project specific DIY water heater repair instructions.

Video Chat Services are provided by highly experienced Licensed Plumbing Pros that know how to repair plumbing fast.

Live Video Chat Plumbing Services put the technician side by side with you to instruct you faster and better than do it yourself plumbing videos.

The plumber can see the exact piping material you have and where the leak is to instruct you instantly with step by step instructions to repair your plumbing leak properly.

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Electrical How-to Videos

Video Chat a Pro offers verified licensed electricians to provide project specific DIY electrical repair instruction. Show the electrician your electrical problem with your smart phone to get project specific DIY electrical repair help.

Video Chat Services are provided by highly experienced licensed Electricians that know how to repair electrical problems. Live Video Chat Services put the technician side by side with the customer to instruct better than do it yourself electrical videos.

The Electrician can see the exact electrical issue you are having and can instruct you instantly with specific step by step instructions.

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Appliance Repair How-to Videos

Video Chat Services with an Appliance repair technician is a great way for the DIY homeowner to get to know their homes appliances. The homeowner can learn proper maintenance practices specific to their individual homes appliances.

Video Chat Services for the DIY community educates the DIY consumer safely, correctly and saves time. You will be able to make professional appliance repairs to your appliances. The appliance repair technician will teach you the appropriate tools and replacement parts for your homes DIY appliance repair.

Video Chat Services can be used instantly anywhere you need help along the way. Use before purchasing parts to limit the number of trips to the appliance repair store.

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Automotive How-to Videos

Video Chat Service mechanics can instruct you with video chat services to DIY an automotive repair on a BMW cooling fan or to replace the transmission in your corvette.

Video Chat Services allow the ASE Certified Mechanic to see your automotive project and instruct with specific information. Video Chat Service allow the mechanic to see your specific installation and instruct you how to install according to mechanic standards.

Video Chat Service mechanics instruct you to properly repair switches and to stop oil leaks on oil pans. Video Chat Service mechanics will teach you how to do your own automotive repairs from small drips to large engine overhauls. Maybe you have a leak in a coolant line or a heater that doesn’t blow hot air.

Our video chat automotive repair technicians teach you to get your automotive repair completed safely, quickly, properly and correctly the first time.

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Save Time & Frustration
Searching Youtube hoping to find the right video for your specific problem is time-consuming and frustrating. Even worse is when you get bad instructions and something goes wrong. Video Chat a Pro puts a licensed professional in the palm of your hand to help you diagnose the problem and give you repair instructions.