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The Best Way to Learn How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Virtual Plumbers Teach You How to Replace Your Disposal

Are the dishes stacking up in your kitchen sink? Did your garbage disposal stop working? Maybe you ordered a new disposal from Howe Depot or Lowes and now you need to install it. Our platform allows you to book a virtual plumber to give you personalized instructions to remove and install your new garbage disposal.

Learn When to Repair or Replacement

Our service allows you to book a plumber to ask if your garbage disposal can be repaired or if you need to replace it. Disposals are fairly easy to install unless you have problems removing the old one. Our virtual plumber will teach you what tools and sealants you should purchase with the new disposal.

The Best Resource to Learn How to Do it Yourself

Our platform provides the best resource for you to learn how to work on your kitchen sink plumbing because when you video chat with a plumber you can get guidance to handle any additional plumbing problems you may experience while you are replacing the disposal.

DIY Garbage Disposal Repair is Easy With a Virtual Plumber

DIY Garbage disposal repairs will include fixing clogging or jamming, leaks, or humming noise. The plumbers on our digital repair service are available to teach you how to figure out what you need to do to fix or replace your disposal.

Replacing Your Garbage Disposal May Be the Best Repair Solution

When choosing a garbage disposal consider your needs, budget, and any unique features or requirements you want for your kitchen setup. Additionally, we recommend booking a video chat and asking one of the virtual plumbers on our digital home and auto repair service about the brand of disposal you favor before you make a purchase to learn the most detailed information needed to make an informed decision.
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Very helpful, great service
Clay Erbes client
Video Chat Robin Kruskol
Great guy. Quick thoughtful answers!
Mark Schaaf client
Video Chat Robin Kruskol
More than helpful, walked me thru the steps I needed to take. Made the complex simple!
Collin Walker client
Video Chat Robin Kruskol
Super helpful!
Josh Pigford client
Video Chat Jeff
They showed up on time and did a good job. Thanks again.
Video Chat Can Do Plumbing
Great job 👍
Video Chat Can Do Plumbing
Jeff knew how to help me almost immediately! He sent me links for where to buy the right part I needed and was available for follow-up questions. Can't ask for a better experience!
Greta Nicolosi client
Video Chat Jeff
Knows his stuff. speaks clear and concise. Would definitely use him again
Jay Best client
Video Chat Clifton Pippin
Richard Estevez client
Video Chat Can Do Plumbing
Jeff is very knowledgeable about appliances.
Video Chat Jeff
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