Business Solutions

Lead generation & more.

Maximize Profits by Providing Ultimate Customer Service.

  •  Build your company profile for free.
  •  Use live video chat pro services to provide free estimates from easy to use dashboard.
  •  Monetized video chat feature allows added revenue stream.
  •  Save time & money for your customer & your company.
  •  Reduce fuel, mileage and labor giving free in home estimates.
  •  Know what parts you need before you go to the repair.
  •  Generate free leads, local Organic SEO and local link building puts your website on the first page of Google in front of the lead generation sites.
  •  Instantly save your company money when being shopped by customers looking for the best deal on a repair or replacement.
  • Outbound video chat services allow a path to provide quality control inspections on every call. 
  • Live real time video chat service allows you to schedule and send text and email notification to the technician for a visual inspection of the work performed.

Video Chat a Pro, Inc. Business Profile Benefits