Licensed Home Services and Automotive Repair Shops

Generate New Customers When You...

  •  Build your company profile here.
  •  Use live Video Chat Pro Services to provide free estimates from the easy to use dashboard.
  •  Use Monetized Video Chat Service feature to add a revenue stream.
  •  Save time & money for your customer & your company.
  •  Reduce fuel, mileage and labor giving free in home estimates.
  •  Know what parts you need before you go to the repair.
  •  Generate free leads, local Organic SEO and local link building puts your website on the first page of Google in front of the lead generation sites.
  •  Instantly save your company money when being shopped by customers looking for the best deal on a repair or replacement.
  •  Outbound video chat services allow a path to provide quality control inspections on every call. 
  •  Live real time Video Chat Pro Service allows you to schedule and send text and email notification to the technician for a visual inspection of the work   performed.


Video Chat Pro Services Converts Leads Requesting a Free Estimate

Use Video Chat Pro Services with existing Lead Generator to recover your investment


  • Send In House Video Chat -Provides path for the Call Taker/Customer Service Representative to quickly convert a caller that is requesting a Free Estimate, by providing a path to connect the caller to your Stand By Service Technician to perform Instant Video Chat Pro Services to see what repair service the customer needs performed and provide an estimate. 
  • A second chance to recover the call acquisition costs for Less than the cost to acquire the call originally.
  • Direct these callers to the Monetized Video Chat Feature of your company profile easily with text message of your company profile.


Monetized Video Chat Pro Services Encourage Shopping Customers to Interact with your Company


  • Your Profile promotes your services to Online search customers and provides a path to interact with your company Instantly Face to Face with Live Real Time Video Chat Pro Services.
  • Our marketing team is capturing search customers the same way the Lead Generators do, However the customers like this process better.


Video Chat Pro Services ads a New Position in your Company to Interact with Customers

Add Company Team Members in the Employee Tab, Set Notifications to Alert your Dedicated Team Member to ad new position with-in your company to perform Video Chat Pro Services. Set the schedule in the availability tab for each individual team member you ad to your team and set the notifications to have multiple team members performing Video Chat Pro Services at the same time.


  • Quickly send In House Video Chat Pro Services to see what any technician or customer is looking at.
  • Quickly send In House Video Chat Pro Services to connect technicians with customers, senior technicians with new technicians, sales leaders to technicians onsite for sales closings, cross technician onsite training and more.
  • Quickly build trust with new customers shopping for your services.
  • Quickly integrate with Flat Rate Pricing Systems to provide instant repair or replacement estimates.
  • Quickly provide a second opinion to protect Customers from shady contractors.



Video Chat Pro Services Promote Efficiency with a Cost Saving Process

Quickly replace driving with sight of the problem with Real Time Live Video Chat Pro Services for most activities


  • Eliminate Driving To Give Free Estimates
  • Eliminate a few Trips to Acquire Materials
  • Reduce Truck Stock 
  • Reduce Vehicle Maintenance 


Use Video Chat Pro Services to Interact with Customers during Membership/Club Inspections


  • Instruct some customers to inspect the system themselves promotes engagement while requiring the customer to ask for a repair when a problem is discovered.
  • Educate with maintenance tips to your customers as you instruct them to engage with the inspection process.
  • Interact with customers after a purchase of new products to get real review.


Video Chat Pro Service Provides Path to Cost Effectively 
  • Provide onsite training.
  • Quality control inspections.
  • Cross train technicians.
  • Be in two places at once.
  • Provide onsite technician sales support from the service manager.
  • Train technicians consistent repair methods and materials.


Video Chat a Pro, Inc. Business Profile Benefits