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Refrigerator Not Cooling
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Ask an Appliance Repairman How to Do Refrigerator Repairs

If your refrigerator is not cooling, you may be able to fix it. However, many things can cause this problem. Here are some things to check before you ask an appliance repairman how to repair your refrigerator on a video chat:

Appliance Repairman Say to Check the Circuit Breaker

Most refrigerator repairs will start to troubleshoot the refrigerator by checking the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker is tripped, you must reset it before the refrigerator can continue operating.

If the circuit breaker has not tripped again and there are no other problems with your appliance, move on to restart the refrigerator as you prepare to check other components that control the compressor. You should gather a volt meter, needle nose pliers, nut drivers, and a couple screwdrivers before you schedule a video chat with an appliance repairman to diagnose this refrigerator problem with you.

Refrigerator Repairs Can Be Dangerous Because There is Electricity

You should consult an appliance repairman on Video Chat A Pro immediately to learn how to avoid the dangers that are present when attempting to repair a refrigerator that is not cooling. Most appliance repair specialists will tell you there is a risk of electrical shock when you're working on a refrigerator and that you need to unplug it from the wall. You will need to diagnose with an expert appliance repairman and order a replacement part online to be sent to you the next day in most cases.

Appliance Repairman Says to Clean the Fan and Coils

The appliance repairman says that many refrigerators stop cooling because the fan can not pull air through the condenser coils to remove the heat from the refrigerant. Dirt, dust, and pet air get pulled into the condenser coil by the fan and clog the coils so that air can not blow through them. It is important to ask the appliance repairman for directions to properly clean the condenser coil on a video chat to prevent damage to the heat exchanger.

Most Appliance Repair Experts Say to Check That the Fan Blows

If your refrigerator isn't cooling, the first thing you'll want to do is make sure that your condenser fan is blowing. The appliance repair experts say you will need to physically look to the that the fan blades are spinning. Listening to the sound of the fan is not good enough to diagnose why your refrigerator is not cooling. The fan blade may not be attached to the motor shaft allowing the motor to sound like the fan blade is spinning.

Check Appliance for Dead Rodents that Chewed Through Wires

Many appliance repair technicians have found dead rodents under refrigerators that had chewed through wires to major components. Check for damaged, loose, or broken wires if the fridge is still not cooling. If you find any, repair them and see if that fixes the problem.

Check the Thermostat Settings on the Refrigerator

Many people skip straight to the difficulty of any problem, they are always fearing the worst. You may have a stuck nob or funky setting from years of use, try to adjust the setting on the thermostat to see if you hear the refrigerator start working.

A qualified appliance technician should repair your refrigerator if none of these fixes work.

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