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Now you can use Video Chat A Pro to book a video chat to show a auto repair shop your car or truck and discuss the problem to get an estimate before you have it towed. Local ASE Certified mechanics are ready to meet you on a video chat to discuss your vehicles problem. These auto shops use video chat to earn your trust before you have your vehicle towed to their shop. Use our video chat APP to hire the best auto repair mechanic for your situation. When you need to know how much it costs for a brake repair or almost any auto repair our APPs allow you to get answers from the mechanics in your zip code. Not to mention using video chat gives you the ability to to gather multiple automotive repair estimates from several auto repair shops in your area in fractions of the time.

Our List of the Best Auto Repair Shops in Your Area

5 Reasons to Shop for an Auto Repair Shop on Video Chat A Pro

The Auto Repair Shops Help You Faster on Video Chat A Pro

Shopping for a mechanic shop before you tow your car is a great idea. The mechanic will know what problems your car or truck is having or at least get a good idea. This allows the mechanic to possibly order automotive parts before you arrive. Video chat also allows the auto repair shop to show you what was done to repair the vehicle before you pick it up.

The shop should show you the work they did and show you any additional problems that may not have been revealed during the initial service consultation. The additional repairs can be revealed to you before they are performed. Our video chat APP allows you to see additional service or repairs the mechanic finds and to give the mechanic permission to perform the additional work gaining the piece of mind in knowing that you have not been cheated by your mechanic.

Our APPs also reduce the stress for both you and the mechanic because both of you see the problem, understand the additional cost, and why it needs to be repaired. There are also some instances where the auto repair is so simple that you could do it yourself and the mechanic can guide you through it, right then on the video chat.

Use Video Chat A Pro to Find Out How Much Your Auto Repair Costs

Do you want to know how much a starter replacement costs or how much the replacement of an alternator will cost? Auto repair shops that use our APP are the perfect solution for you to shop for automotive services. Search by zip code for a local auto repair shop in your city, look at reviews, read about their specialties, and book the auto repair shop that is perfect for you. You should be shopping for automotive services as you show the mechanic your car or truck on a video chat! This allows you to learn the information you need to know before you have your car towed somewhere you may not like or can not afford.