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Troubleshooting A Rheem Water Heater
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Rheem Water Heater Troubleshooting

Some of the best water heaters on the market are made by Rheem. They are affordable and long-lasting. It can be especially upsetting when you experience problems with your Rheem water heater because their dependability is what makes them so appealing. Sometimes issues do arise that demand troubleshooting before you hire a skilled specialist to fix them. In order to assist you with these issues and how to resolve them, we conducted research on your behalf.

Plumbers share Rheem water heater repair techniques and give water heater repair vs replacement advice. Schedule a plumber to help guide you through your Rheem water heater troubleshooting and repair.

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Rheem Gas Water Heater is Not Staying On

How to Relight a Gas Rheem Water Heater

You could notice that your Rheem water heater occasionally turns on, while other times it does not. If you see irregularities, your pilot light could be struggling to stay lit.

Your Rheem water heater's igniter or combustion chamber may be the issue if the pilot won't remain lit. A filthy combustion chamber will make it difficult for your pilot light to stay lit. This is because soot in the combustion chamber may suffocate the oxygen supply, extinguishing your pilot light.

Additionally, the flame sensor or thermocouple may be to blame for a pilot light that won't remain lit. Check the wire that is located on the bottom below the igniter and gas valve and can be accessed by taking off the burner assembly cover. Your flame sensor is here and your pilot light will not work if it is tripped.

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Electric Water Heaters Can Trip Breakers

One of the primary reasons your electric Rheem water heater may not be operating is the electrical supply. You may have blown a breaker at the power source to which your Rheem water heater is connected. Electric water heaters trip breakers when there is a problem. You may need to video chat with a plumber to learn the pros and cons of replacing the old water heater.

If you do not have hot water, and you see that your Rheem water heater did not trip the breaker you will need a volt meter and a 6-way screwdriver to diagnose the water heater problem. Your water heater might have bigger problems such as a blown water heater element or a faulty thermostat. Before evaluating your Rheem water heater any further you need to be aware that like with any electrical work, you must measure for voltage with the power on to the water heater to test for power at the water heater elements and thermostats. You should video chat with a plumber to properly learn how to diagnose electric water heater failures. Once you have verified that power is available at the heating elements and thermostats then you turn off the power to test further with a volt meter. There is a reset button on the thermostat that should be pushed after you perform the initial electrical tests and then pressed before you repeat the electrical tests before you turn off the breaker to the electric water heater.

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Gas Water Heater Burner Won't Light

Your Gas Rheem water heater's pilot light can start to light the burner, but the burner might not completely fire. There may be poor ventilation throughout the combustion chamber causing heavier than normal soot to build up on the burner assembly clogging the burner assembly. Ask a plumber to guide you through cleaning the burner assembly of your water heater and remember that you need to provide a larger combustible air vent to the water heater location to allow more air to flow through for a cleaner burning flame.

Circuit Breakers to the Electric Water Heater Can Break

The first problem to check if the water heater tests show the water heater does not have any problems. The circuit breaker may be in the On position however your Rheem water heater isn't receiving power. A recent storm may have caused a power spike rendering the breaker defective causing it to not allow power to pass through to the water heater. At this point, the water heater problem becomes an electrical problem and you will need to ask an electrician online or hire a local electrician to change the breaker.

Water Heater Can Make Odd Thumping or Hissing Sounds

Even though your water heater probably makes some noise, it sometimes makes odd noises that you have never heard before. Sediment that has built up and settled on the tank's sides or bottom may be the cause of a rumbling sound. When the water warms up and is forced upward through the silt, it makes a noise as the scale pops off and release from the tank. This is a sign that you should ask a plumber how to properly drain a water heater to flush out the sediment inside the tank.

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Water Heaters Last Longer When You Properly Maintain Them

You won't have hot water if the pilot light or gas valve fails on your gas Rheem water heater because it won't light or turn on. Like all other appliances, water heaters require routine maintenance. If you don't do this, your Rheem water heater will not last as long as if you did.

Ask a plumber for advice on a video chat first, because you can show the plumber what type of gas water heater you want to service before you remove the sealed cover to access or disconnect the pilot light, main burner gas tubes, and thermocouple. This is a crucial step because if you do this wrong you will have to wait for the ordered parts or replace the whole water heater.

The gas chamber's cleanliness is what you wish to verify. There may be a significant quantity of junk within your water heater. Your pilot light will be stifled as a result of this since it may lower the airflow through the combustion chamber. Regularly cleaning out your Rheem water heater is usually not needed unless it is propane and you constantly run out or the natural gas provider continuously loses pressure causing the pilot flame to burn itself out causing high soot. It would be an excellent idea to address the combustible air venting that allows fresh air to flow through the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber can be cleaned with a shop vac and blown off with an air compressor.

You may rejoin the plumber on a video chat to perform a safety inspection to check your work on the water heater before and while you restart it. For best results restarting your water heater read and follow the instructions on the sticker placed on the front of the water heater, before you hold down the "Pilot" button while pressing the "Ignite" switch on the right side to restart your Rheem water heater.

Water Heaters Can Produce Rusty Colored Stinky Hot Water

If your faucet is releasing brown or brownish-red rusty stinky water, this is a strong indication that corrosion has already taken place inside your water heater and or in the galvanized steel water pipes and it's too late. The water heater anode deteriorated long ago and now your just risking your health by using the water that comes from the water heater.

However, with time it has becomes worn down and lost its efficiency, and the sediments begin to pass through to be used to wash dishes, clothes, cook food and bathe. A new water heater is an ideal solution at this point and to save money you should get help from a plumber to install it with you on video chat today

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