Bathroom Remodel

Are you sick of your outdated bathroom's broken tiles and stained grout? It's amazing how much of a mood boost you can get from something as simple as giving your bathroom a facelift. After all, it's the room where you get ready to face the world in the morning and where you wash away the pressures of the day in the evening. In addition, homes with outdated bathrooms tend to have lower resale values. However, bathrooms that have been updated tastefully might attract buyers and make a higher asking price appear fairer.

The cost to redesign a bathroom can range anywhere from $6,152 up to $16,615. The average cost to remodel a bathroom is $10,978. The average cost of remodeling a bathroom is determined by various factors, including its size, shape, and the number of fixtures it contains, as well as the homeowner's decision to either maintain the bathroom's current layout or alter it.

A professional redesign can be done with cost-consciousness while still being beautiful, but luxury materials and finishes will drive up the entire cost. It is worth it to include them in the project if they are within your budget. To assist you in determining how best to adapt your plans to fit within the constraints of your financial resources, we have analyzed not only the standard cost of remodeling a bathroom but also some unexpected charges that may come as a surprise.

What is the Main Distinction Between a Bathroom Remodel and a Bathroom Renovation?

Both "renovation" and "remodel" are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are significant differences in the actual planning and construction involved. It is essential to be aware of what you're asking for to receive the most helpful advice, especially if you intend to work with a professional contractor. Although there is considerable overlap, and some contractors will even use the words interchangeably, it is important to note that there is a differentiation between the two.

In the same way that a renovation can turn into a full-scale remodel if problems or urgent repair needs are discovered during the process of the renovation, a remodel can creep into a renovation if a home project involves plumbing or electricity. Therefore, even if you are planning a quick renovation, it is wise to include a good chunk of your budget to allow for the possibility that the renovation will turn into a full-scale remodel.


Renovating a space involves, for the most part, working within the confines of the space's already-existing footprint in order to update, modernize, and either functionally or cosmetically improve the space. This category includes things like mending, painting or wallpapering, tiling, replacing flooring, and installing new lighting. To put it another way, if something already exists and all you are doing is replacing it or cleaning it up, then you are renovating it.


A renovation combined with new construction is known as remodeling. It entails performing the majority of the retouches that can be provided by a remodel, such as applying new paint and tiling, installing new lighting, and possibly adding a fashionable mirror. Construction, on the other hand, is the backbone of any renovation. A project is considered a remodel if it requires demolishing a wall to reframe and extend the area, possibly by including an adjacent closet.

A redesign also includes relocating important plumbing components beneath the flooring to install additional sinks or relocating a bathtub or shower to a new position. In addition to necessitating costly electrical, plumbing, and building permits, the aforementioned projects necessitate extensive renovations and alterations to the space's existing architecture. Simply said, it is a more extensive undertaking than a refurbishment.

When remodeling a bathroom, some of the high costs that you should anticipate include the following, ranging from showers to cabinets to flooring:

Putting in a new shower is an important undertaking that can significantly increase the cost of renovating a bathroom. The most expensive item, when measured in cost per square foot, is a bespoke tile shower floor. The shower is one of the places with the highest overall cost because of the tile floor, glass shower walls, automatic shower fixtures, and other similar elements. The median price range for installing a new shower is between $3,000 and $10,000, with the average cost coming in at $6,576.

Replacing the flooring will normally range between $800 and $3,500, equivalent to between $7 and $20 per square foot. The price tag could go up or down depending on the material you use and how big your bathroom is. Less expensive options include vinyl and linoleum, while more expensive options include hardwood and tile.

Cabinets are another major expense. However, the amount you'll have to pay for them will be contingent on whether you're putting in brand-new cabinets or refinishing the ones you already have. The cost of installing new cabinets can range anywhere from $500 to $3,600, while the cost to reface existing cabinets can range anywhere from $200 to $800.

Replacing the countertops in your bathroom can range anywhere from $15 to $60 per square foot, with an average cost of between $450 and $1,500. If you are considering replacing your countertops, you should budget accordingly. Less expensive materials include ceramic or porcelain tile, laminate, and Formica; more expensive materials include quartz, granite, and terrazzo.

Plumbing And Electrical Systems
If you plan on making significant structural alterations, you should probably consult with a plumber and an electrician. The cost of installing pipes for plumbing can range anywhere from $450 to $1,800 per fixture, and the cost of rerouting electrical wiring can range anywhere between $2 and $4 per square foot. Plumbing with PEX is a good way to save money on a plumbing system. Options for piping include PEX, copper, and CPVC.

The Costs Of Labor
The typical cost of hiring a general contractor is about $4,000. If you need to hire one, you should plan on spending this amount. Because of the recent rise in the cost of labor, you may be required to pay more now than you would have done a year ago. The issue is one of supply and demand. It's getting tougher and harder to locate people to work with.

Video Chat A Pro
Video Chat a Pro is here to provide you with assistance throughout the process of remodeling your bathroom by connecting you with experts in the fields of plumbing, electrical work, HVAC, and home appliances. If you want to save money on your redesign while still getting it done the right way, you should seek the assistance of a plumber, an electrician, and an appliance specialist and ask them for their advice.