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Your Running Toilet is Wasting Water
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Ask a Plumber How to Stop Running Toilets

Rebuild Your Toilet Tank

Believe it or not, a running toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water. So if you’ve spotted a running toilet in your home, it’s best to fix this problem as quickly today to avoid a high water bill. The term "running toilet" refers to water running from the tank to the bowl, causing the toilet tan to randomly begin to fill.

2 Most Common Ways to Stop Running Toilets Today

  1. Hire a Local Plumber- Search for a plumber near me and video chat to find out how much it costs to rebuild your toilet tank to stop the water from running from the tank into the bowl today.
  2. Do-It-Yourself (DIY)- Video chat with one of our expert plumbers to learn how to rebuild your toilet tank to stop the water from running from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl right now.

The good news is, that you can easily fix the toilet yourself. You most likely have the tools lying around in the garage to fix this and the repair parts are relatively cheap and available at almost any hardware store. Not to mention you can also get step-by-step instructions from a plumber on a video chat if you run into problems.
A running toilet is when the water from the tank leaks past the flapper, leaks past the flush valve tank seal or the water fills above the overflow tube on the flush valve. These types of leaks in your toilet are considered problems that cause a running toilet.

How to Fix Your Running Toilet

To fix your water-wasting toilet to help save the planet and lower your water bill we suggest following these steps mentioned by our plumbers who use video chat to teach when you get stuck fixing the toilet but don't know how.

Buy Toilet Parts at Home Improvement Stores

Almost every toilet repair part can be purchased at a home improvement store.
Video chat with a plumber when you need to know what toilet parts to buy to fix your running toilet. Below is an example of how you can get help from a plumber on video chat.

Plumbers Suggest Checking and Replacing the Damaged Toilet Flapper

The flapper is a round rubber seal component that holds the tank water from going down into the bowl. When the toilet is flushed, the flapper is pulled up via chains to release fresh water into the toilet bowl. Flappers issues are the most common when it comes to running toilets.

How to Replace Your Toilet Flapper

How to Adjust the Water Level in the Toilet Tank

If the water level in the tank is too high, there’ll be constant drainage into the overflow to see if water is draining into it.
If it is, just lower the float to adjust the water level.
Floats come in two categories so if you’re dealing with a rubber-shaped ball float that has a long arm connected to the fill valve, shake the float to feel if there’s any water inside, if there is you’ll have to replace it but if it’s not, then you can lower it by the following instructions.
Find the screw above the fill valve connecting the float arm to it. Give the screw a quarter turn counterclockwise using a flathead screwdriver to lower the float.
The exact same applies to a cup float. Now, flush and let the water refill the tank. The water level should ideally be around an inch and a half (2.5 - 3.8 cm) below the top of the overflow tube. Keep adjusting the screw in quarter turns to hit the right water level.

How to Replace Your Toilet Fill Valve

For this, turn the toilet water off, your toilet tank has to be empty, so flush and hold the handle to allow all the water to drain into the bowl. Here is a list of steps below.

Additional Toilet Repair Tips

If you are asking any of the questions below then you need to stop and book a video chat with one of our plumbers before you flood your house. There is nothing wrong with asking a plumber for instructions to help you do the toilet repair properly.

Why is my toilet making a whistling sound when flushing?

When you experience whistling, mechanical, or fog horn noises from your toilet, all of these are indications that the valve inside is broken and it’s necessary to replace it.
If you’ve changed the flapper as well as the whole tank ball mechanism, but the water in the tank doesn't reach the tank fill line for flushing, what should you do?
Adjust the float to allow the water to fill up to the line noted on the overflow tube.
Why is the toilet leaking water from the bottom?
Check the fill valve nut and washer may be leaking, the tank to bowl gasket or the toilet shut off valve or the supply line could be leaking. You probably just need to book a video chat with a plumber.

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