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"Jeff is very knowledgeable about appliances."


"Jeff did great job had me educated fast."


"He was very helpful"

—Samuel Schnapp

"Always does his best"

—Sam Schnapp

"He was great!"

—Joe Palazzo

"Jeff is AWESOME!! knows his stuff and helps you get the job done fast and right. I've used him a few times now and will again."

—Joe Palazzo

"Jeff is knowledgeable and patient. He’s also careful to make sure that safety is addressed. "

—David Putney

"Nice guy, seemed very knowledgeable "

—Brandon Boots

"Perfect experience!"

—Charles Praigg

"Very clear and helpful. Also flexible - had no problem taking a call within the hour"

—Chris McAloney

"Great Help, Thank You"

—Jason Bauder

"Great info, I would surely recommend and use Jeff again."

—Jaiye MOORE

"Great service quick and efficient. Do your homework so as not to waste your time and theirs. I wish all my DIY projects "

—Michael Truppo client