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Appliance Repair with Shane

Extremely knowledgeable, focused, informative, with over 20 yrs experience of in-home appliance repair. Servicing most major Brands, such as: Sub-zero / Wolf/ Samsung/ LG/ Dacor/ Whirlpool/ KitchenAid/ Frigidaire/ Electrolux/ GE / Bosch/ Amana/ Hotpoint/ Estate/ Beko/ Deko

Appliance Repair Service from Shane

Washers/ Dryers/ Microwaves / Double Wall Ovens/ Wall Ovens/ Ranges/ Cooktops/ Dishwashers/ Trash Compactors/ Refrigerators / Freezers

Dryer Repair with Shane

Hey there! If you are here, you might be having a bit of trouble with your dryer and attempting to repair it yourself. Trust me, I get it, sometimes those YouTube videos just don't cut it. That's where I come in. I'm a certified appliance repair technician named Shane, and I've got the expertise to guide you through it via video chat. It's like having a personal technician right in your home, minus the hassle. Now, I totally understand the temptation to turn to YouTube to search for a quick fix, but let me assure you, having a Shane on the other end of the line makes a world of difference. I've been in the industry for years, and my qualifications are top-notch. You won't find a more experienced guide to walk you through your dryer repair. And just to give you an idea of what could be going on, here are five common dryer problems people face, along with some of the repair costs I have personally charged as a technician. 1. Whirlpool Gas Dryer: Igniter replacement - $229 2. Samsung Electric Dryer: Heating element replacement - $320 3. Maytag Gas Dryer: Belt replacement - $880 4. LG Electric Dryer: Thermostat replacement - $490 5. Kenmore Gas Dryer: Drum roller replacement - $1175 Don't let that dryer trouble get you down—let's tackle it together through video chat, and I'll make sure your laundry routine is back on track in no time!

Appliance Repair for all Types and Brands with Shane

20 yrs experience in appliance repair, servicing most major Brands, such as: Samsung (we are Samsung authorized)/ Sub-zero/ Wolf/ LG/ Dacor/ Whirlpool/ KitchenAid/ Frigidaire/ Electrolux/ GE / Bosch/ Amana/ Hotpoint/ Estate/ Beko/ Deko

Shane is an Appliance Repair Expert
Washing Machine Repair with Shane

So you're in a bit of a pickle with your washer, but don't worry, I'm here to help. Instead of sifting through countless YouTube tutorials that might leave you scratching your head, consider the benefits of a video chat consultation with Shane, a seasoned appliance repair technician. I've got years of experience under my belt, and I'm confident I can guide you through your washer repair more effectively than an online video. With a video chat, it's like having a technician right there with you, ensuring you tackle the issue correctly. Here are five common issues I help people like you fix. 1. Drainage Problems- Water is not draining properly. 2. Belt Replacements- The drum does not spin or agitate. 3. Circuit Board Replacements- Knobs or digital controls are not working. 4. Leaking- Water leaking during or after the cycle. 5. Won't Start- The machine refuses to turn on or run the cycle. Let's get that washer put back together!

Check Reviews of Appliance Repairs with Shane

Before throwing in the towel on your appliance repair, consider giving Shane a chance to assist you. I'm confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised by the array of appliance repair insights I can provide. Not only will you learn how to fix your appliance today, but you'll also gain valuable knowledge for future repairs, perhaps even becoming the go-to person for family and friends. But don't just take my word for it, check out the reviews from others who have benefited from the guidance of Shane. Customer feedback speaks volumes, and I aim to deliver the same exceptional service to you. There's no better way to become a proficient appliance repair enthusiast than through a video chat with me. I await the opportunity to connect with you and help you conquer your appliance challenges. Let's make your repair journey a success!