How to fit new piping for a bathroom remodel

December 28, 2019 - DIY Plumbing

During a bathroom remodel you may want to reconfigure where everything is located. Move a toilet, make a tub a shower, add a bathroom sink, and so on. The original design of your bathroom may be something that has bothered you for years.


First, you would need to remove all of your current bathroom fixtures, flooring, and walls. Depending on where your bathroom is you may need to chip up concrete. In this video, we are in a second level bathroom.


Once you see the piping system that was there before you now need to reconfigure where the new piping needs to be. There are some very important keys to this to ensure your future plumbing operates properly. 1) You need 1/4” of fall on your pipe. 2) You need proper venting. 3) The configuration of your fittings needs to allow for proper flow. Also for cost using fewer fittings is important.


Like Jason said in this video chat to cut out above the 90 and swing it over so he didn’t have to use so many 45s. Think of the big picture of where your pipe is and where it needs to go.


We use Video Chat a Pro in our plumbing business to easily communicate with our employees. Our newly licensed plumber, Joe is having some issues with the remodel and scheduled a video chat with our master plumber, Jason. This allows Jason to continue to work in the office and help Joe at the same time. Usually, if Jason goes to the job he would end up just doing the work himself. This allows Joe to learn and complete the job on his own.