Bathroom Remodel Disasters and What to Do When you Have One

November 04, 2022 - DIY Plumbing

Bathroom Remodel Disasters and What to Do if You Have One

Most bathroom remodels will require that you move or reconfigure where everything is located. You may decide to move a toilet to make a tub a shower, slide the bathroom sink over a couple feet or even add a steam sauna in the closet, who knows am I right. The original design of your bathroom may be something that has bothered you for years and with all the do-it-yourself motivation sounding from all channels, who can resist the urge to customize the bathroom or spruce it up with a bathroom remodel. 

First, you would need to decide what fixtures you want, and where you want them located and make a plan before you remove all of your current bathroom fixtures, flooring, and walls. We often hear that proper planning prevents piss-poor performance, so this is your time to shine. Depending on what type of home you have will determine the next steps and you will need to answer a few questions about the construction of your home and the work you are willing to perform to achieve the bathroom remodel you so eagerly want to complete. 

  1. What type of foundation does my home have?
  2. Do I need to move any walls?
  3. Where do the water pipes come from?

Once you have determined if your home is on a concrete foundation or is on a pier and beam foundation or maybe the bathroom is upstairs and the foundation is not as important as, what type of truss supports the upper floors? Either way, you need to gather some information about the construction of your home to properly plan for the bathroom remodel. Next would be to locate any plumbing and open the wall to see the piping system to ask a plumber online for advice and tips pertaining to distances and methods for which to correctly move the plumbing to accommodate your needs. There are many important pointers a plumber can give to properly instruct you so to ensure your future plumbing operates properly.

4 Quick Online Plumbing Advice Tips to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster

1) You need 1/4” of fall or slope towards the drain on your pipe

2) You need proper venting to keep odors from filling your bathroom

3) The configuration of your fittings needs to allow for proper flow

4) When you get stuck ask a plumber online here

Ask a Plumber What Tools to Use and Where to Get Them

You can quickly show a plumber via video chat to get online plumbing repair advice and learn what tools and where to purchase them. Licensed plumbers are required throughout their careers to purchase all their own tools and have become highly educated on the best tools to complete your do-it-yourself bathroom remodel. It is best to seek advice online from a plumber in regards to tips for the proper movement of drain pipes and water pipes because there are tips only plumbers can give to ensure proper function when you are finished. Don't get stuck watching someone's youtube channel that is missing all the pertinent information. Video chat with a licensed plumber to learn exactly what you need to know in fractions of the time.

Stay Focused on Your Bathroom Remodel and Stick to the Plan

Of course, many homeowners embark on the journey to remodel their bathrooms every day and many homeowners fail or give up due to a lack of information acquired in the given amount of time they searched for the information they were seeking. While the reasons for wasting time and not actually learning range and are different for each homeowner the most common we hear about is the amount of time wasted watching ads while attempting to watch what was supposed to be a helpful video. The most common problem people seem to have is staying focused and not following the ads and being lured away by a more attractive subject such as the newest trending video that has nothing to do with learning how to complete the bathroom remodel. Many homeowners fall victim to the parcels of youtube and fail to complete their bathroom remodels. 

Ask a Plumber for Help Online Now to Save Your Marriage

Oh man, there have been some knockdown drag-outs between husbands and wives about finishing bathroom remodels. And let me tell ya, the husband never wins, lol. There seems to be nothing worse than a 2 bathroom home with 1 bathroom under construction, especially during the school season. Nothing seems to be worse for people than for 1 of the bathrooms to go down, all of a sudden your happy home and peaceful mornings are interrupted by yelling arguing, and sometimes fist fights. However you can fix this problem, all you have to do is ask a plumber online for advice and tips on how to finish your bathroom remodel, seems pretty simple or you can keep guessing and everyone will leave eventually. Either way, I hope you enjoyed my take on bathroom remodel disasters and how to avoid them.