How to DIY With Video Chat a Pro

July 22, 2020 - Video Chat a Pro

Learn to DIY with Video Chat a Pro

Do It Yourself with Live stream help from a professional!


Did you know there are trained professionals ready to help you 24/7?


Video Chat a Pro is a new way to tackle any of your How To questions regarding auto repair, plumbing, electrical, irrigation, air conditioning, or appliance installation and repair. Whether it’s how to unclog a bathtub, how to install a car battery, or how to find your main water shut off valve, Video Chat a Pro (VCAP) is your one-stop destination for any do it yourself projects you have around the house.


How does Video Chat a Pro work?


The How to DIY with Video Chat a Pro section is just getting started, but as we build our How To DIY Library, our goal is to create a resource center for people to be able to search and find the How-Tos they need to tackle any do it yourself projects or repairs in the home.


  • We’ll have a DIY Plumbing section, which will cover topics like how to unclog a bathtub, how to unclog a shower drain, how to fix shower diverters, and much more.

  • A DIY Electrical Repair section, where you can learn how to splice wires, how to solder wires, how to fix faulty electrical wiring, and more.

  • A DIY Irrigation & Landscape Installation section, where we’ll discuss how to install sprinklers, how to grade a landscape, the best way to plant shrubs, and anything else you need to know about lawn care.

  • A DIY Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair section, where we’ll show you how to repair a radiator leak, how to fix an air conditioning unit, and how to tackle any other DIY HVAC projects that come across your path.

  • A DIY Auto Repair section, that teaches you how to jump a car, how to replace a spark plug, how to change a tire, and much, much more.

  • And a general DIY Appliance Installation & Repair section, that’ll show you how to install a new refrigerator, how to replace a microwave, how to fix a broken washer/dryer, and much more.


Video Chat a Pro is the best way to get real-time answers, guidance, and solutions from industry professionals because you can speak with them through Video Chat a Pro’s Livestream video chat feature and show the professional exactly what’s going on.


Do It Yourself Home and Auto Emergency Help


If it’s an emergency, you can get help right away without having to worry about scheduling an appointment and wait hours or days. Skilled tradesmen can diagnose the issue by Livestream right from your smartphone and show you exactly what to do to fix the problem, or at the very least, prevent it from getting worse.


Technicians Provide Do It Yourself Help


In non-emergency situations, How to DIY with Video Chat a Pro can be a great way to get specific answers from skilled tradesmen about any at-home do it yourself projects you may have going on. Whether it’s how to unclog a shower drain, how to patch a tire, or how to fix a broken garbage disposal, the professionals at Video Chat a Pro are happy to help!


While there’s a crazy amount of information out there on the internet, sometimes it can still be tough to find the exact answers you need. Whether it’s a slightly different model, or you don’t have the exact tools they’re using in the do it yourself guide, a Livestream video chat with an expert could be your best option. It will save time, frustration and be much safer than trying to piece it all together from old How To articles scattered across the internet. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to tackle a usually tricky situation with the confidence of experienced tradesmen in your pocket?


Searching the How to DIY with Video Chat a Pro Section for Live Help


Using the Livestream video chat feature on Video Chat a Pro to get advice from a skilled professional in real-time is super simple. You don’t need to download any apps or install any programs.


All you have to do is visit the home page at, select the appropriate category and then click on ‘Do-It-Yourself.’ From there, you can see the available licensed tradesmen, check their reviews and schedule a call.


It’s that easy!


Do It Yourself with Video Chat a Pro to:


Save Time & Frustration

Searching the internet hoping to find the right answers to your specific problem can be time-consuming and frustrating. Even worse is if you get bad advice and something goes wrong. Using How to DIY with VCAP gives you a licensed professional in the palm of your hand that can diagnose the problem and gives you personalized advice immediately.


Save Money

Fixing or installing something yourself, rather than hiring someone to do it, can save a lot of money. If you’re handy and have the right tools, having a skilled tradesman give you advice specific to your situation through a Livestream video chat can make the difference between a straightforward DIY project and a costly mistake.


Learn a New Skill

Ready to try fixing or installing something on your own for the first time? If you’re not exactly 100% sure what you’re doing, a quick call with a licensed professional might give you the industry-specific tips and tricks to solving your problem that you won’t find on the internet. These skilled tradesmen are even available in emergency situations to help out in case anything goes wrong.


No Stranger in Your Home

With the way things have been going with the coronavirus crisis, if you have at-risk loved ones in your home, but need to repair or install something, Video Chat a Pro is the perfect solution. The licensed professional can guide you through your repair or installation via live video chat without anyone having to step foot in your home.


Ready to get started?

Hire the perfect skilled tradesman to teach you to properly complete your project.


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