Live Chat Trades Home Services

July 10, 2020 - Video Chat a Pro

Home repair services have become an ever-changing marketplace. Live chat has various forms and comes from many different sources. Many live chats trades home repair websites connect homeowners to various trade professionals to answer questions asked in the form of an email service, phone text, chat services, or social platforms. Video Chat a Pro offers a new form of DIY instruction using live video chat with licensed trade professionals.

Other Live Chat Providers

Many live chat home repair providers also claim to connect homeowners to tradespeople. Live chat is changing due to artificial intelligence and bots that are programmed to answer questions based on database results all across the web. The chances are you are not live chatting with a person at all.

Technology Moving to Live Video Chat

Technology has provided live chat to evolve to live video chat putting homeowners face to face with verified licensed trades professionals using the cameras on the smartphones they carry. Live video chat allows homeowners to show licensed tradespeople the problem to get project-specific instructions faster than they can post or text a question. Live video chat allows homeowners to learn from licensed tradespeople to get the most accurate instructions.

Types of Home Repairs Instructed on Video Chat a Pro

Live Video Chat is used to instruct many types of how to home repairs such as:

Plumbing live video chat

Electrical live video chat

Appliance Repair live video chat

Landscape Irrigation live video chat

HVAC Heating and Cooling live video chat

Gain Knowledge to Complete Home Repairs

Trades home service technicians easily instruct homeowners within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment. Homeowners shopping for the best digital live chat video service technicians to instruct them with the exact information to help you the fastest. Live chat video technicians are the source of all knowledge when it comes to properly repair your home.

Live Chat Lure

Today’s live chat features are also used to generate leads for local trades business. These live chat websites lure the homeowner into filling out or posting a question for the live chat and then it submits to local trades home service businesses as leads. The live chat industry has become a useful tool for homeowners to search for answers to some questions and to learn more about products and services offered by local businesses. Live chat has become a great path for websites to collect homeowner information to pass along for other purposes, such as newsletters or promotional product registrations. Live chat can be time-consuming and the homeowner really does not know if they licensed.

Safest How to Instructions

Video Chat a Pro is different, the homeowner chooses from a digital marketplace of licensed trades technicians. The homeowner then gets to see reviews of the licensed pro and read a bio description to match their needs with the licensed pros' specialties. Video Chat Pros perform live video chat within 15 minutes from the time the homeowner schedules the service. The safest how-to instruction comes from face to face video chat pros.

Social DIY Help

Other social platforms allow homeowners to post questions and pictures of the problem. The comments do not always align with the problem, while some pros poke and tease the homeowners, other pros get drug into long drawn out live chat miscommunications. Many do it yourself homeowners post problems fishing for instructions with live text chat social posting. Live video chat provides live chat answers faster than live chat and is safer. When searching for live chat home services repairs choose a live video chat that provides verified licensed trades technicians to learn better.