Top 10 Reasons to DIY

February 19, 2020 - Video Chat a Pro

Why DIY? When we think of a repair that needs to be done the question we usually ask ourselves is, "Can I do that?" Many times the answer is, yes! Your DIY repair or project can have many positive outcomes, too. So why not tackle those to-dos? Video Chat a Pro is here to make sure your DIY repair does have a positive outcome, making DIYing even more beneficial.


Learn a New Skill

Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to gain additional knowledge. Problem-solving skills increase your brain activity. When you learn how to do electrical troubleshooting or how to fix a water heater your brain is getting a workout.

Video Chat a Pro provides you the ability to successfully complete DIY repairs on your homes or vehicles. It allows anyone to learn from a licensed trades pro to complete their own DIY repairs. Have a licensed video pro guide you so your DIY repair is performed correctly, with no disasters.


Gain Confidence

When you successfully learn how to fix a garbage disposal or how to change the brakes on your car you will feel a sense of accomplishment. The key though is to find help on your DIY project when you are stuck. When you have your car torn apart and you can't figure it out it can have the opposite effect on your self-esteem. Knowing that you have to go to work the next day and you can't get your car back together is not a good feeling. It will be alright though, Video Chat a Pro is here to help when you hit a wall in your DIY project.


No Stranger in Your Home

We understand that for some people it is difficult to invite a stranger into your home to repair your dishwasher or repair your toilet.

Video Chat Service allows you to meet the technician before he arrives, eliminating the stranger in your home. For DIY people that do not want anyone in their home, video chat services allow a path to successful project completion with guidance from a licensed trade pro.   


Save Money

Completing your own do-it-yourself projects can have a positive outcome on your wallet. It is important to get proper guidance before starting your DIY repair so you can avoid any costly damages. What better way to learn about your specific project than showing a professional what you need to repair. When you do your own outlet replacement or replace a broken sprinkler head you can save a lot of money. If done incorrectly it can potentially cause issues and have to be redone or cause damage.

Search Licensed Pros ready to help with DIY home and auto repairs. Use the guidance of a Licensed Pro to save money, make fewer trips, and eliminate failed DIY repairs.


Save Time

We've all been there waiting for a technician to arrive in the 4-hour window. Many of us simply cannot take off of work for a whole day. Then if the company you hired is not able to be there during that time it wastes even more time. If you have a small repair like a leaky shower faucet or dripping bathroom faucet it is tempting to just put it off due to the time involved with hiring a company. Save your water bill and get it done yourself, fast.

Show the freelance pro on Video Chat a Pro exactly what you need to get an accurate repair price or DIY help to correctly finish the repair.


Relationship Builder

Completing a DIY repair or project with your family is a great team-building exercise. Screen time for adults and children is at an all-time high. Getting your hands dirty with a DIY project encourages us to leave technology alone for a bit. However, you can also merge technology with your DIY repair by using Video Chat a Pro and making videos with your spouse or children of the repair you made. Combining work with your hands and technology can be fun and beneficial.

Spending time with your family improving the things you own is a great lesson. It is important to teach our children the basics of maintenance like how to change the oil in your car or how to unclog a toilet.


Exercise Those Muscles

Replacing a water heater or even using a drill to do furnace troubleshooting is a great workout. Home repair and automotive repair is great way to keep your body moving and heart rate up. Our pros with Video Chat a Pro have done these movements a million times and can guide you for the proper use of all typical DIY tools to prevent injury.



Everyone loves tools, right? Doing your own repairs is a perfect way to increase your tool collection. Many of these tools can be used many times for typical DIY repairs. Like a voltmeter for DIY electrical repairs or channel locks for DIY plumbing repairs. Larger or more expensive tools can be easily rented at your local hardware store.


Avoid: "To Catch a Contractor" Issues

We have all either been through or known someone that has had a horrible experience with a contractor. There are so many great contractors out there that provide great service, however, the right ones are not always easy to find. If you don't want to risk having a horrible experience with a shady contractor DIY repairs are the way to go. Video Chat a Pro allows you to learn from pros first. You can ask them what to look for when hiring a local contractor. You can also use Video Chat a Pro to video chat with a contractor before hiring. This allows us to meet them first and get an estimate.

There are many reasons to begin or continue DIY repairs and Video Chat a Pro is here to help you through your DIY project. Get it done right with Video Chat a Pro. Happy DIYing!