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My Technician is Great at Making Repairs but Feels Uncomfortable Making Sells

February 11, 2019 - Video Chat a Pro

This is no surprise; some technicians just want to repair what the work order says. They just do not want to build value in warranties or explain why the repair is expensive. Some technicians just don’t like sales. I have found that that some technicians suffer form “I can’t pay that” syndrome. That is fine these technicians perform quality work and don’t waste time talking to make a sale, these technicians get it done.

However, some Technicians don’t have this problem they like sales and don’t care to perform the repairs. These Technicians hold back to reduce their work load. There numbers are up and down and eventually just level out in the middle. We train our Technicians to offer additional products and services to gain higher ticket averages and serve less customers. We should be training Technicians to provide better workmanship instead of how to get higher ticket averages. We should be training to provide consistent repair methods to better the quality of workmanship provided to the customers. Instead we train to overcome rejection, how to calculate average invoice, how to set a goal to generate more revenue, how to overcome price objections and how to provide better service. We build our image to build trust and gain respect of the marketplace. That’s just what is has been for years, and there is nothing wrong with that if you like stress and wastefulness.

Video Chat A Pro provides a better path to a better process through technology. We aim for you to keep technicians that only like to perform repair performing repairs and technicians that like to make sale making sales ahead of them in a manner that saves your company money and causes it to be more profitable while providing better customer service. As business owner it is your responsibility to provide innovative tools to better your presence in the market place while making your company desirable to the workforce so to provide the ultimate service to your customers. Video Chat Services allow your company to provide a tool for the call taker, the dispatcher, the service manager, the technician and the customer to benefit. I have been told for many years if you take care of your people, they take care of your company. Video Chat Services allows Technicians to make more money and spend less time driving for free. Video Chat A Pros Platform provides a better way of life for every user.

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