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How to Choose a Plumber

March 16, 2018 - Local Plumber

As I shop for various popular keywords such as plumber and look at various ads online, I see a lot of the same thing. The home service repair and automotive shops do not offer a shopper-friendly way to get prices or consultation before investing time or money to learn.

I see websites that provide narrowed local search results and they all boast verified reviews. However throughout my research of the “Verified Review,” I learned the term “Verified Review" has various interpretations and meanings throughout the local home service and automotive repair search platforms or online search directories. I found through research of “Verified Review” that reviews can be purchased. I learned that bots are created to create Google profiles and Social Media profiles to infiltrate the review site. These bots have pictures and rank as humans in the search world. The provider of said review posting service has created a whole workforce of fictitious profile personalities to deploy fictitious reviews for profit, deceiving and corrupting the intentions of the review process.

I see a real confusing mess of deceptive advertising practices by the platforms that offer access to these local licensed trades home services and automotive service providers.

Most companies offer upfront pricing and charge a diagnose fee or claim to give free estimates. Companies offer coupons to reduce the cost of the services they provide. I see memberships to various licensed trade organizations and badges claiming background checked and drug-free. There are articles that are helpful and articles that just make the decision of hiring a service professional downright scary. Then when the customer finally decides to call a plumber they are met with a service or diagnosis fee even if the website they found you on claimed free estimates.  

The trust between customers and service professionals has been tainted by bad advertising platforms that charge the business owners for leads. These companies sell the customer's information to the business that advertises with a profile. They sell the same customer inquiry to multiple service repair companies causing a race to recover the cost of the lead by the business. This process does not promote ethical business relationships, as the customer was lied to from the moment they entered the local search site. The customer thinks they are sending a message to the business it chooses, however you really submit the inquiry to the search site, and it sells your inquiry to the five highest bidders. This process is not beneficial to the customer or the company. The only winner is the local search profile platform that gets paid by the service repair company for your search inquiry.

Video Chat A Pro Platform provides access to instant face to face live Video Chat estimates from local service repair companies of your choosing. The platform does not collect your inquiry and sell it to the local company. We offer access to the Platform and the cost to use is based on usage of Video Chat Service to provide accurate estimates instantly and to provide better customer service within the service repair company.

The Platform is designed to provide solutions to DIY people with specific assistance from licensed tradespeople. The DIY person can now purchase repair specific training from licensed freelance pros. The Platform bridges the gap between how-to videos and a service repair technician taking over and completing for you.

The Platform allows customers to shop licensed trade companies affordably while saving time avoiding the wait for the service repair company to drive to the location. Instantly schedule to receive accurate estimates and consultation from local plumbing companies to get the best value and price without wasting a few days waiting for them all to come over.

The Platform provides real, no way to fake reviews by attaching access to the review section to the credit card receipt. There is no other access to post a review, making for the most secure place to post view reviews.

Then when you choose a service repair company you can schedule and receive an estimate or schedule for any time that is a covenant for you.

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