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October 20, 2020 - DIY Plumbing

Technology has changed the plumbing industry in years past, such as software for scheduling among many other management tools. Plumbers have adapted to using new forms of technology all throughout the industry. One thing that made a huge impact was sewer camera equipment. The ability to see inside the drain pipes provided a path to see what was causing drain clogs in drain pipes. Many innovative tools have been presented as well. Such as cordless tools made specifically for plumbing, for example, the Milwaukee cordless tubing cutters and the tools made specifically for joining PEX tubing or even the press copper fittings. Not to mention the innovations deployed into the plumbing materials, such as the flameless joining of copper pipe and fitting, PEX tubing and polymer fittings, and many others. None the less you need to look too far to find new innovative plumbing materials or tools being deployed into the plumbing industry.

So it is no surprise that as technology advances while new products and services are being developed, a path to offer instructions to any homeowner that has the desire to do plumbing themselves be developed. Hence the creation of Video Chat a Pro to serve as a digital marketplace for tradespeople to offer their knowledge to instruct homeowners. Resulting in licensed plumbers working as Video Chat Plumbers or digital service technicians that instruct homeowners faster. The results prove that homeowners save time and money when they get project-specific instructions before they start the plumbing repair. Not to mention that when a homeowner consults a Video Chat Plumber they make fewer trips to acquire plumbing repair parts. Video Chat a Pro verifies each plumber's license and experience so that the homeowner gets the very best instructions.

The Video Chat Plumbers that offer their services on Video Chat a Pro rely on their knowledge and skills as plumbers to provide for their families. These are real people, not some bots programmed to answer questions through text. To date Video Chat a Pro is the only digital marketplace that offers ad-free DIY home improvement help. These tradespeople need your help as bad as you need their help. Youtube has set this false pretense that if you upload videos to their platform you will someday get paid. Many plumbers waste their time trying to earn YouTube money never to see a dime. Meanwhile, Google makes millions from the videos that plumbers upload. YouTube is destroying the viewer's experience by forcing ads that are not even relevant to the plumbing video. Not to mention most of the DIY plumbing videos are only advertisements or created by people who are not even real plumbers. You will not find useful DIY plumbing help on YouTube, only ads and confusion which will lead to wasted time, damage to your property and or personal injury. Furthermore, the most popular plumbing videos are described as DIY plumbing fails and DIY plumbing disasters, not much to learn from that negativity.

To date Founder of Video Chat a Pro, Jason Bauder vows to never stoop to the level of manipulating people to watch ads. Furthermore Video Chat a Pro will never focus its content around revenues derived from ads. Obviously Video Chat a Pro was created to provide a service to the tradespeople and the DIY community. There will not ever be a tradesperson that is not paid for creating video content for our platform. I urge all licensed tradespeople to stop making free videos and giving them to YouTube, instead get paid for your time and continue to get paid from your video footage with Video Chat A Pro.

Hire a Video Chat Plumber today and learn DIY plumbing from a real pro!