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Learn How to Do Your Electrical Repair from Franklyn

I am an expert electrician and have been working as such for 20-plus years. I am here to guide you through your electrical problems. I have worked on all types of electrical systems and will have no problem instructing you. Ask me any questions you have about your electrical problems at your home or business right now!

You do not have to rely on clickbait ad-filled videos to learn how to do electrical repairs in your home anymore, because I am an expert electrician that can walk you through any type of electrical repair you need to make.

Talk to an electrician right now to get a professional electrical consultation to avoid injury or damage to your in your home or business!

Franklyn is an Electrician Who Teaches You How to DIY

I am an electrician who follows the standards outlined in the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Book a video chat to Ask me about any type of electrical problems and how to fix them properly because I am a licensed electrician that knows how to teach you to do it right now Book a video chat with me so I can teach you how to repair electrical problems. I have worked many years as an electrician and I have learned through hands-on experience and professional training how to replace dead electrical plug outlets, how to wire a 2-way switches, how to wire 3-way switches, how to wire 4-way switches, how to install smart switches, how to wire and install ceiling fans, install new recessed lighting and wire the can, how to install or repair outdoor devices such as plugs, solar panels, fountain pumps, electric vehicle chargers, how to wire pumps, motors and controllers, and how to use electrical meters and plug testers.

Book a video chat to learn how to properly work on the electrical system of your home or commercial property.

I can guide you to safely work on single-phase electricity found in most homes OR three-phase electricity, either 120/208v OR 277/480v found in most commercial properties. If you have questions about higher voltage applications such as those listed below. I can teach you how to use electrical meters, work on electrical meter/combo panels, work on old house fuse boxes, how wire breaker panels (old and new), how to replace bad circuit breakers, how to diagnose why breakers are tripping, how to wire a new breaker box, what size breaker to use and what size wire to run.

Ask Franklyn How to Do Your Electrical Repair

Engaging in a video chat with a licensed electrician like Franklyn offers unparalleled advantages compared to wasting time watching videos attempting to learn how to fix your electrical problems.

Franklyn Will Teach You How to Fix Your Electrical Problems

Ask an electrician, I can teach you to diagnose and repair your electrical problems correctly much faster today.
Ask how to replace electrical plugs, electrical outlets, electrical receptacles, and 3-way, 4-way switches fast, right now!
Talk to an electrician who knows how to install Lutron, Pass & Seymour, Leviton, Eaton, and Legrand plugs and switches right now.
Ask me how to properly install your smart switches so you can show your buddies how cool it is to turn on and off lights from your mobile device.
Save your time because I teach you how to install ceiling fans with dimmer switches that are controlled by 2-way switches, 3-way switches, or 4-way switches faster than you can read any electrical how-to article on Google today!

I promote your safety when working with electrical components in your home or business such as electrical panels & circuit breakers. I have worked with almost every type in my 20-year career as an electrician. These are the brands I have worked with that you will find in your home or business today.

Square D
Eaton Cuttler Hammer

Install your ceiling fans & connect your remotes like a pro. I can guide you to flawlessly install your new ceiling fan and wire it in the ceiling box so that it works properly by sharing all the tricks I learned from the 100s of ceiling fans and switches I have hooked up.

Hampton Bay
Home Decorators
Minka Aire
Big Ass Fans
Harbor Breeze

Miscellaneous electrical problems such as flickering lights or dead plugs can be easy for you to diagnose with my help not to mention but I can also assist with how to properly size wire when adding new circuits in your home.

Franklyn is an Electrician

Ask Franklyn How to Wire Your Replacement Switches and Plugs

Replacing electrical plugs, switches, and outlets under the guidance of Franklyn is a significantly safer and more straightforward approach than watching an electrical how to video.

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