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Electrical Repair with Franklyn

I have 20 yrs of Journeyman Electrical experience. In a home OR commercial space, single phase OR 3 phase, lights OR motors, outlets OR ceiling fans; let's go to work! Let's troubleshoot you electrical issue!

Who am I?

My name is Franklyn and I was trained in a 5 year, accredited apprenticeship program. One of the things that I focused on during my schooling was doing everything correct according to the National Electrical Code. Throughout my time of doing electrical in the field, I have seen some very sketchy things. Some bad and some worse to the point I'm surprised that the building itself did not burn to the ground from the horrible, shoddy electrical work that I've seen. I wanted to make it my aim to learn the code well, so that whenever I'm doing electrical work, my conscious feels good knowing that I'm not putting anyone in danger.

Currently, as a Project Manager for the electrical company I work for, I am the one responsible for getting projects completed on time and on budget. In addition to my normal job, I also teach an electrical safety course in which we instruct about the use of a lock-out/tag-out system to work on electrical safely.

Even though I currently reside in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, the National Electrical Code is the same everywhere. Please let me be the one to help you with your electrical questions no matter your location.

Franklyn is a Residential Electrician

As I mentioned before, I focused on what the National Electrical Code book stated as to how electrical is supposed to be installed correctly.

So what do I want to do?

When I help individuals with their electrical, I don't like giving solutions to problems just to make something work, I want to give a solution that is accordance to code so that it poses no danger to your property or the people that will occupy it. Whether your questions are about your home OR commercial property that you are trying to solve an electrical problem of, I can help you to the end, safely. In these locations, I can help add or troubleshoot receptacles, switches, 3way & 4way switches, smart switches, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, outdoor devices, things that will not turn on OR things that will not turn off.

"Whether your questions are about your home OR commercial property that you are trying to solve an electrical problem of, I can help you to the end, safely."

I can work with you on single phase electricity found in most homes OR three phase electricity, either 120/208v OR 277/480v found in most commercial properties. If you have questions about meters, meter/combo panels, breaker panels (old and new), replacing breakers, fixing breakers or how to wire them up, what size to get or which one would work for your space, I can assist with that also.

If you have questions about wire connections, wire size to feed devices or panels, type of wire like Romex, stranded or solid, gauge of wire, I can help with that. I can also help answer questions about what raceways to run whether in walls, underground or overhead.

I may have missed something in this list, but please be assured, if it's about electrical, I do have knowledge about it and can help you out.

Electrical Repair Consultation from Franklyn

Engaging in a video chat with a licensed electrician like Franklyn offers unparalleled advantages compared to wasting time watching YouTube videos attempting to learn about home electrical repairs. Licensed electricians bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to address specific issues that can arise with breakers, switches, plugs, ground wires, neutral wires, and hot wires in switch boxes. When dealing with breakers, Franklyn a licensed electrician can help you accurately diagnose whether a tripped breaker indicates a minor issue or a potentially dangerous electrical fault. In contrast, YouTube videos will provide generic advice that overlooks the nuances of your home’s electrical situations. Switches, plugs, and wiring pose unique challenges that demand a professional touch. Franklyn can guide you through the intricacies of troubleshooting faulty switches, and malfunctioning plugs, and identifying problems with ground, neutral, and hot wires in switch boxes. As an electrician I can offer personalized electrical repair solutions, promoting safety and compliance with national electrical codes. Moreover, video chats enable real-time interaction, allowing you to show Franklyn specific problems with your home’s electrical and receive instant feedback. This personalized approach ensures that the advice and guidance provided by Franklyn are tailored to the unique circumstances of your home, fostering a safer and more effective resolution to fixing electrical issues yourself. In contrast, YouTube videos will lack the specifics required to address the subtleties of individual cases, leading to misdiagnoses and unsafe electrical repair attempts.

Repair Your Electrical Problems with Franklyns

Some products that I have knowledge and an understanding of how they are installed:

Receptacle & Switch Devices:
Lutron, Pass & Seymour, Leviton, Eaton, Legrand

Smart Switches:
Lutron, GE, Eaton, Enbrighten, Commercial Electric, Leviton

Panels & Breakers:
Square D, Eaton, Siemens, GE

Ceiling Fans & Remotes:
Hampton Bay, Hunter, Home Decorators, MinkaAire, Big Ass Fans, Harbor Breeze

In addition to the different products mentioned above, I can also assist with sizing of wire needed if adding panels, transformers, meters or other circuits in a home or commercial property. I can assist with wiring up motors and motor controllers. I can even assist with wiring up smart homes and their products.

Please note: This is just a small list of all of the products that I have an understanding of. There are a whole host of other electrical components that I can assist to install and fix.

Franklyn is an Electrician
Electrical Plugs and Switches with Franklyn

Replacing electrical plugs, switches, and outlets under the guidance of Franklyn offers a significantly safer and more straightforward approach than watching a YouTube electrical video. The expertise of a licensed electrician like pro_first-name suggests that the replacement process follows safety standards and local electrical codes, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards. My guidance promotes proper identification of wires, correct installation techniques, and the use of appropriate tools, reducing the chances of electrical shock or damage to your home. Pro_first_name can provide tailored instructions based on the specific electrical installation, ensuring compatibility and compliance. This personalized guidance from an electrician not only promotes safety but also simplifies the process for you, making information accessible and less daunting to recieve. With the assurance of expert electrical advice from Franklyn, you can confidently navigate the electrical repair.

Check Reviews of Electrical Repair with Franklyn

Before you quit and hire an electrical contractor in your area check my reviews. As a licensed electrician, Franklyn provides personalized electrical repair instructions that empower you to fix electrical issues effectively, surpassing the time you will waste watching generic YouTube videos. My reviews reflect satisfied clients who have successfully tackled electrical problems, thanks to my expert electrical repair advice. Learn from a professional electrician like Franklyn to gain valuable instructions to manage electrical repairs on your own. Don't just hire an electrical contractor, empower yourself with the knowledge I have to offer.