Jake Paton is a Video Chat Electricians Jake Paton is a Video Chat Electricians

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Jake Paton

Electrical Repair with Jake

I am the best Electrician to hire for online Phone to Phone help. Every day during the week, I train brand new electricians to build buildings. I am very confident I can help you!

My instructions are simple and extremely easy to understand. I will break things down to your level so we can get this job finished.

Well educated beyond electricity and well spoken to make your project a breeze.

Don’t look for me on social media… I work for a living and have no time for such silly behavior!

I’m looking forward to working with you. - Jake

Jake is a Residential Electrician

I am a commercial & residential electrician. I specialize in complex low voltage Ethernet / Smart connected lighting systems.

Sure I can install a ceiling fan or add a light and a power outlet to your garage…

I can also help you upgrade you space for that Server Room so you can get rich mining Crypto Currencies.

Electrical Repair Consultation from Jake

Engaging in a video chat with a licensed electrician like Jake offers unparalleled advantages compared to wasting time watching videos attempting to learn how to fix your electrical problems.

Repair Your Electrical Problems with Jakes

All things electrical and done to the NEC Code (National Electrical Code)

Jake is an Electrician
Electrical Plugs and Switches with Jake

Replacing electrical plugs, switches, and outlets under the guidance of Jake is a significantly safer and more straightforward approach than watching an electrical how to video.

Check Reviews of Electrical Repair with Jake

Before you give up on your electrical repair check Jake reviews