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Anyhousehold electrical issues you might be having and can walk you through troubleshooting with ease the best thing about me is you save money cause I can track down any fault in min...I admire the diy'ers I pride myself on knowing something about everything . I am glad to assist you with knowledge and am able to communicate with the simplest of vicabulary. addition I know several ways to explain to you how electricity works without getting into the fundamentals. By the time we're done you will not only be done with your project but will have learned enough you won't have to contact another electrician again

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All electrical troubleshooting to new install and very patient and communicative.

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Electrical repair with a nearby electrician will get your electrical problem fixed today. I am an electrician that wants to instruct you to do the electrical repair properly yourself. Video Chat allows you to show the electrician the problem while you’re working to fix it. Allow me the opportunity to properly instruct you to complete your electrical repair. You will save time when you hire me to provide instructions to you before you start the repair because you will purchase the correct materials and make fewer mistakes while attempting to DIY your electrical repair or replacement.

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Worked service for 8 years in addition to being a certified foreman as well and knowledgeable of 95 percent of material the knowledge I have isn't from books its from hands on training in wich at this point in my career there will be no time spent wondering what's going on with your issue I already know

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While working many years as an electrician during my career I have seen many do-it-yourself homeowners fail when attempting to do an electrical repair because they were unable to obtain proper instructions prior to attempting the electrical repair or electrical replacement. When you hire an experienced electrician like me to instruct you first, your do-it-yourself electrical repair is performed as well if not better than hiring an electrician near me to do it for you.

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I have worked many years as an electrician to provide the best learning experience to my customers on Video Chat A Pro. I ask that you check out some of the wonderful reviews for electrical repairs from other do-it-yourselfers who have posted. I show up on time and listen to the electrical repair problems you are having while you show me on the video chat. I am a friendly electrician that enjoys helping people successfully complete their own electrical repairs.