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"Very helpful, great service"

—Clay Erbes client

"Great guy. Quick thoughtful answers!"

—Mark Schaaf client

"More than helpful, walked me thru the steps I needed to take. Made the complex simple! "

—Collin Walker client

"Very helpful!"

—Frederic Greenbaum client

"Very helpful guy!"

—Ashish N client

"Amazing service!!"


"An amazing way to learn new things while at the same time, help people safely repair or install without the need of bringing strangers into your home. And FUN!!!!!"


"Robin was clear, patient, and very helpful with my electrical issue. "


"Excellent service, kind and inquisitive. Would love to work with him again!"


"I needed some help to feel confident in my wiring of a GFCI outlet in my kitchen with proper downstream protection and replacing my hardwired garbage disposal with an outlet. This was my first time using Video Chat A Pro and thanks to both the service, and Robin, I had an extremely positive experience. Robin walked me through exactly what to do, without wasting any time, and most importantly – helped answer all my questions so that I felt comfortable enough to do the job on my own next time. It was exactly what I hoped for."




"No shock here!! Another happy customer :)"



—James Leduc client

"Great info, very helpful!"

—Daniel Rubinstein


—Zabe Jamshidi


—Andrew Appleby

"Nice guy. Good help"

—Ray Valadez

"Great help!"

—Nick Duffield client

"Handle the issue I was having with a light fixture, and answered a question I had about why there was still electricity in the wires even through power was off, ensured me that it was nothing to worry about. "

—Carey Lucas

"Robin was excellent, video feed did not work which was very inconvenient. "

—Katrina Stahl client