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Landscaping with Scott

When life gives you lemons, plant them and grow an orchard. When an opportunity comes up to benefit others, such as charity, take it. I volunteer with 4 different off-road groups to plant and rehab areas greatly impacted by fires.
My YouTube channel shows us doing public outreach.

Lawn Maintenance with Scott

Professional Earth mover, videographer, and endurocross rider. I live for pets and making friends. There is no challenge that cannot be matched; with time and persistence.

Landscaping Design with Scott

Hiring Scott offers numerous advantages over merely watching how to videos.

Landscaping Services with Scott

I have sprayed bugs and weeds for 5 years, thus giving me advanced product knowledge on how to handle very tricky situations most people encounter.
My motto; “Never stop learning “

Scott is a Landscaper
Backyard Design with Scott

Engaging in a backyard design consultation with a landscaper like Scott via video chat far surpasses the passive experience of watching do it yourself videos.

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Before throwing in the towel on your landscaping project check Scott reviews.