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“After years of experience in working for large franchise transmission and automotive shops, I decided to open my own shop at the age of 27. I strongly felt that I could operate the most reliable and most recommended shop by simply offering the highest standards of quality control, reliable workmanship, honest service, and personalized options for each individual customer in order to seek the best possible resolution to their automotive need. EVERY option is to be researched.

Global Auto Repair is a Mechanic Shop in Las Vegas Nevada

Mechanic in Las Vegas Nevada to Fix Your Car or Truck

Are you searching for a mechanic near me in Las Vegas Nevada to repair your car or truck? Look no further than Global Auto Repair to diagnose and repair your vehicle properly. Our certified mechanics work hard to get your vehicle back up and running quickly so you can get back to your busy day. Choose Global Auto Repair to fix your car or truck because we use quality auto parts to be installed by 1 of our expert auto repair mechanics.

We Work on Many Makes and Models of Automobiles in Las Vegas Nevada

Global Auto Repair is Located in Las Vegas Nevada
Global Auto Repair is an Auto Repair Shop You Can Count On

You can count on Global Auto Repair to provide quality auto repair services to you in Las Vegas. We encourage you to use video chat to get to know us as you show us your vehicle. This will give you the opportunity to get auto repair consultations and get an idea of how much your automotive problem will cost to fix. Not to mention we also can show you the repair we did to your vehicle and our mechanic can answer any questions you might have about the work that was done to your vehicle.

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Check reviews of Global Auto Repair. Of course, we strive to provide an honest automotive repair service for our customers in Las Vegas Nevada. Our reviews reflect the quality of our mechanics and the automotive repairs we complete for our customers.