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I graduated UTI with honors in 2008. I have over 16 years experience in automotive repair and approximately 6 years experience with electric/propane fork lifts. My experience ranges from dealer to independent specialty shops. I am a gearhead (petrolhead) to the fullest and thoroughly enjoy vehicle performance modifications.
I now own and operate a mobile mechanic business. I also provide technical support via phone or videochat for technicians and DIYers alike. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and will be happy to help you in any way I can.

Juan is a Mechanic Who Teaches You How

Automotive electrical diagnostics/repair
Automotive engine diagnostics and repair
Suspension Repair/Modification
Brakes Repair/Modification
Automotive A/C
Forklift electrical diagnostics/repair
Forklift hydraulics diagnostics/repair
Propane engine repair and diagnostics
Overall technician coaching/instructing

Juan Can Teach You How to Do Brake Job

Juan possesses a depth of knowledge and hands-on experience that goes beyond the surface-level explanations often found from watching a video.

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Toyota (forklift)

Juan is an Auto Repair Mechanic

Juan Teaches You How to Repair Your Automobile

Consulting with Juan makes roadside auto repairs more manageable, similar to having a mobile mechanic at your disposal.

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