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Auto Repair with Kenneth

Kenneth is a Mechanic

Brakes, mechanical and hydraulic
Suspension Diagnostics & repair- Help find those pesky noises.
Steering- Rack & Pinion and Gearbox systems
Drivability concerns- Tire wear & handling improvements.
CEL- Engine light on?
ABS - Antilock brake concerns
A/C - Climate control systems

Brake Repair with Kenneth

Kenneth possesses a depth of knowledge and hands-on experience that goes beyond the surface-level explanations often found from watching a video.

Work on Your Cars and Trucks with Kenneth

15 years' experience in Automotive repair. I have coached many through repairs & diagnostics they had never attempted before, we will do it together!

Kenneth is an Auto Repair Mechanic
Mobile Mechanic with Kenneth

Consulting with Kenneth makes roadside auto repairs more manageable, similar to having a mobile mechanic at your disposal.

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Before abandoning your auto repair check reviews of Kenneth.